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No. sentence
1 Those men took you away from me . . . and they hurt you.
2 He was yanked off by some men this morning.
3 The men intrigued against their king.
4 The men were imprisoned for plotting against the government.
5 Even though all Amish men and women marry, you will not see a wedding ring, for even this simplest type of jewelry is banned among them.
6 As a shepherd is of a nature superior to that of his flock, the shepherds of men, i.e., their rulers, are of a nature superior to that of the peoples under them.
7 To be successful selling to them, you have to cater to their emotions and concerns more than ever before, even when selling products that men traditionally buy.
8 Removed some population bonuses so the AI doesnt produce to many men all the time.
9 Younger women agree but more of them (43%) feel that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses in what they can do well.
10 In the same study, when the elephants saw red clothing not worn before, they reacted angrily, as red is typically worn by Maasai men.
11 Q: You talk about Maasai women and infertility, what about the men?
12 has left many Maasai destitute, with young men now converging in the towns to hustle tanzanite, a semiprecious local stone, or to seek poor-paying jobs as night guards.
13 All the villagers, men and women, old and young, took part in the battle against the drought.
14 mind, Guan Yu admitted that if Cao Cao did not ordered his men to let Guan Yu pass through, he would not have gotten through the five passes alive.
15 The 2 men sat on some rocks in the woods; Lord Guan and Zhang Fei stood to Xuande’s side.
16 While I can see women in large Numbers adapting to that new world order, and adopting the ideology laid out on this domain, men may have more ambivalent feelings towards it.
17 Women were able to rely on other friends, whereas many men depended on their wives for their social networks and so were devastated when they lost these ties.
18 AAA is a localized widening and weakening of the abdominal aorta, and primarily affects elderly Caucasian men who smoke, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
19 But when New Zealand family doctors asked 421 men and women a couple of questions, they spotted 97 percent of those suffering from depression, say researchers from the University of Auckland.
20 The wartime cabinet first recruited men into the forces from non-essential industries.
21 An Israeli soldier stands guard as ultraorthodox Jewish men gather to pray at the tomb of Biblical figure Yehoshua Bin Nun, or Joshua, in the West Bank village of Kifl Hareth late Thursday.
22 It takes two men half the morning to mop down the hospital floors.
23 Both men say Japanese society too often turns a cold shoulder to the unemployed and bankrupt, and breeds a culture where suicide is still seen as an honorable option.
24 from the bullet trains' TV screens, snack boxes and perky attendants, Wang shifted on a hard seat, trying to avoid tangling his legs with the men sitting in front of him.
25 While women fantasise about love and romance, men fantasise about fast cars, bigger computers, boats and motorcycles.
26 You cane me, then you want an interview?" he asked, without breaking stride, when a variety of men with microphones approached him.
27 in the distance, sure enough, was another human being. Nansen approached the figure, and soon the two men enjoyed a remarkable Stanley-Livingstone moment.
28 As we approached I'd seen several men talking on mobile phones on street corners watching us very closely.
29 He motioned and one of his men produced a nylon case.
30 He motioned the young men and his family away from his bedside; with the other bony claw he hung fast to the Don.