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No. sentence
1 For example, a financial analyst would need to see financial data whereas a team member would not.
2 You, as the system administrator, can apply access and permissions for each group for large workspaces rather each member.
3 As student body President, she was also a member of the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees.
4 They urged expanding expertise in the field of health technologies, in particular medical devices, and requested WHO to take specific actions to support Member States.
5 No, the ban on pictures is meant to safeguard the copyright of the works hung on the walls - a fact that every member of staff I asked instantly confirmed.
6 member weighed in with their own opinion.
7 The other server is a standby member because its only load is cluster replication.
8 This year at the World Health Assembly, Member States increased our regular budget by 4% and overall by 17% for the next biennium.
9 So far Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda have signed the new Nile basin accord, which would require only a simple majority of member countries to approve new projects.
10 The person abusing your friend could be somebody that they know and like, for example, a member of their family.
11 organisation hopes American universities will be sufficiently convinced of the quality and ethical standards of member agencies that they will agree to work with them.
12 How many of you are willing to give up your life or to do something for example to give your kidney to a member of your family?
13 Dee Dee Parker, a long term member of the Church by the Sea said the congregation is delighted that the building makes people happy but did not realise that they had become so popular online.
14 Her father worked as an electrical technician for Pacific Bell and her mother was a cannery worker and a member of the Teamsters.
15 This is an open process with an open mailing list, and any OASIS member can join formally.
16 Ms. Kiviniemi’s comments highlight the breadth of opposition to any hurried change in policy that would increase the implicit transfers of wealth from one euro-zone member to another.
17 The OMA DRM standard comes with a license that a user must agree to, defining what permission the content owner, content provider, or other member of the value chain can grant the user.
18 The most important member of any hive is the queen bee.
19 He has been a Party member for (over) ten years.
20 Have a friend or family member drop you off at a given distance and then run home.
21 By keeping it as a member field in this class, you can safely cache these expensive resources.
22 The police will try to stop us, but we will try to break the blockade in strictly non-violent ways," said Peter Polder, a 34-year-old Dutch green activist and member of Climate Justice Action.
23 Let's discuss how we can increase the cohesion in the European Union, how we can reduce disparities, which still exist between various member states, and which very much impedes our competitiveness.
24 You should document any and all exceptions that a member function throws at you so that other programmers know what their code will need to catch.
25 lawman encounters another member of the human race, who tells him theres a refugee center in Atlanta, so he heads there with hopes of finding his missing wife and son.
26 Japanese usually wash outside the tub and then soak in hot water, which is then reused by the next family member. That means the water must be reheated each time if the next person in line dawdles.
27 This special prayer time will not only help connect the hearts each family member with the Lord but also with one another.
28 In the Metamorphoses, the account of Actaeon's death revolves around the virtuosic catalogue of his dogs, in which each member of the pack is named and briefly characterised.
29 It supplies each crew member with three balanced meals, plus snacks.
30 international Health Regulations (IHR) is an international legal agreement that is binding on 194 States Parties across the globe, including all of the Member States of WHO.