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No. sentence
1 Have you noticed that most of the security practitioners you meet or work with have already switched to Apple?
2 We have had some successes and failures, and they expect us to work hard and meet those challenges.
3 is impossible to predetermine every specific problem that we will meet.
4 We must meet again to fix up the details of the contract.
5 If you are into reading books, I suggest you go to a bookstore and meet women.
6 I could't meet his eyes.
7 coal mines in North China have to rev up their outputs to meet ever-increasing demand.
8 In order to meet the urgent needs of the four modernizations, improving the teaching quality is a task which Brooks no delay.
9 She didn't meet the qualifications for membership.
10 Next, go out and try it on the people you meet.
11 do we do when we meet other intelligence?
12 Once you determine your sleep needs, you should meet those needs every day.
13 I meet this girl at my job.
14 Like he knew he would meet you someday!
15 It should suit you perfectly, and meet your needs.
16 After that they go to church. There they meet many people.
17 Therefore, you need to increase the capacity to meet this demand.
18 About half past eight every morning, I meet the boy I love at school.
19 to a stranger you meet by chance in the wood.
20 I have seen people show this to others because when I meet you I may not like your face but this is trivial how do I know who you are?
21 I may meet them.
22 Introduce yourself to neighbors and everyone else you meet.
23 When you meet them aim for total honesty and transparency. Find people you can be yourself around.
24 Keep the joy of loving God in your heart and share this joy with all you meet especially your family.
25 So you need to uncover and meet the respective expectations that you both have... If you do this, your marriage will grow stronger.
26 Because every time I meet people and talk about this we continue to get great ideas for the story So, thank you very much for your attention How many gamers are there in the audience?
27 In particular, you should check that you meet the hardware and software prerequisites.
28 Didst thou ever meet the Black Man, mother?
29 Meet their needs as you would have them meet your needs.
30 The report highlights many such examples of strategies, ideas and actions that have led to improvement and may help others to meet the commitment for all schools to be sustainable schools by 2020.