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medulla in a sentence

1. The innermost layer is the ovarian medulla.

2. There are fewer cells in the medulla.

3. Cross-section of the middle medulla.

4. Cross-section of the inferior medulla.

5. It is found in the medulla oblongata.

6. Medulla spinalis.

7. It houses the cerebellum, medulla and pons.

8. The medulla spinalis and its membranes.

9. Medulla spinalis.

10. Medulla spinalis.

11. Medulla is solid, but often loosely woven.

12. The obex occurs in the caudal medulla.

13. Diagrams of the medulla spinalis.

14. If it reaches the medulla death can result.

15. Medulla oblongata and pons.

16. Medulla oblongata and pons.

17. It is located in the medulla oblongata.

18. The medulla has a filamentous construction.

19. It is composed of cortex and medulla.

20. The medulla is yellow-orange.

21. the medulla is white.

22. the medulla has a filamentous construction.

23. the flesh is called the pith or medulla.

24. Near the medulla is the hilum of lymph node.

25. This layer is called the medulla.

26. The medulla is white.

27. The medulla is loosely solid and cottony.

28. The thick axis and medulla are dull red.

29. the white medulla often exposed;

30. Noradrenergic cells in medulla may refer to: