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No. sentence
1 Media companies may have to swallow hard before tethering their futures to any high-tech company, let alone Apple.
2 Taiwanese billionaire Tsai Eng-Meng began nibbling on the media a couple of years ago, but now the snack king is out to grab a bigger share of the island's broadcast market.
3 growth of social media can be explained by this identification function.
4 This is a media summit, a contest of ideas, and my thoughts should be taken in the spirit of that contest.
5 Q: Why should we hold World Media Summit?
6 We do not expect social media to radically change what we do.
7 Mr. Li continued, "Together with the completion of our acquisition of Digital Media Group earlier this year, this contract helps to solidify our leadership position on subway systems nationally.
8 Straws in the wind had suggested that he was closing on the media billionaire in the final week of campaigning, yet the media tycoon's jocular complacency was a better guide.
9 It's an old-school approach to the burgeoning threat of new media, but who wants to argue with a 78 year-old billionaire?
10 Berlusconi (no. 14), for instance, got a big boost for not only being the prime minister of Italy, but because he is also a billionaire media mogul who owns soccer team, AC Milan.
11 Anschutz, an Evangelical billionaire in Denver, finances Walden Media, which had huge success with two films: "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "Amazing Grace".
12 Tsai told Forbes last year that he thinks the media industry has good long-term prospects.
13 The media dredged up a scandal.
14 Which media should I use?
15 And then there's all the time we spend on all this media.
16 I think everyone should know who they are, should be comfortable with themselves, and should not feel compelled to be who others or the media tell them to.
17 So I really do not know where the Australia media got this latest one from.
18 You can add in some metadata for your embedded media, as in Listing 4.
19 You can even close Windows from these previews, or play media in them.
20 Names of resources and their media types.
21 Not if you read the mainstream media.
22 The same, of course, could be said of almost any media organisation.
23 problem lies not in the digital media itself - how it's processed or stored, or any other of its qualities.
24 Because of the risk of copycat crimes, some people question whether the media should report on some crimes at all.
25 Yet one bit of old media seems to be doing rather well.
26 Although you can and should, as I'll discuss later, be careful about what you create in your own media.
27 I'll help you bash them in the media," he said.
28 In fact, Hispanics have become so accustomed to this sort of reaction that I know many of them who actually dread the census and all the related media coverage.
29 Because media failure is the most complex of all the types of failure, you must have a well thought-out strategy to plan for it.
30 Since I have just mentioned the media as ripe for public ownership, let us take this as an exemplary case.