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No. sentence
1 Her spoken English is not very good, but her meaning shone through without doubt.
2 The child read the story but did not comprehend its meaning.
3 We have long mediated on the meaning of life.
4 Swallowing your pride took on a whole new different meaning for me as I swallowed my first bite of rat meat.
5 This highlights one of the benefits of ssh-the remote machine redirects to the same location (standard output, standard error), so you can redirect locally while retaining the meaning of the output.
6 After USENET got going the term stuck meaning something false - do not download (or believe) this.
7 Note that these queries are limited to one level only, meaning that you cannot select the depth of the query.
8 Don't wait for a cataclysmic moment when the truth is revealed. Use everyday occurrences to find meaning in the changes you are going through.
9 Humans excel at extracting meaning and sentiment from even the tiniest snippets of text, a task that stumps machines.
10 At this level, listening means trying to find meaning in what you hear.
11 If you got an animal doll, lets we reveal the meaning of it.
12 Let we start from the gift meaning of doll.
13 What is the funny gifts meaning if your boyfriend gave you pig doll?
14 Happy sharing your doll gifts meaning and experience.
15 Mount McKinley is almost six thousand two hundred meters high. And speaking of mountains, Alaska has more than seventy volcanoes that are potentially active, meaning that someday they could erupt.
16 Distributed text, or hypertext, on the other hand supplies a new role for readers — every reader codetermines the meaning of a text.
17 By using stale metaphors, similes, and idioms, you save much mental effort, at the cost of leaving your meaning vague, not only for your reader but for yourself.
18 Old Xiao thought that she was trying to pick faults and misinterpreting his meaning.
19 Pick a word you think sounds funny and say it over and over until it loses all meaning; or draw mustaches on every face in the newspaper.
20 Also, because the second moon would have been smaller than the main one, it would have cooled and solidified more quickly, meaning that its rocks would be older.
21 He contorted the document out of its proper meaning.
22 word "value" is often times misused or misunderstood. The reason for this is because when a word is used too much, the meaning of it becomes inflated.
23 pervert what a person has said is to give a wrong meaning to it.
24 How can one fail to realize that in this vulnerable universe everything that is human and solely human assumes a more vivid meaning?
25 The meaning of dedication aims at return is laid in depth, not on the surface.If one is dedicating for you, then he must has some special purposes.
26 All of our debates and discussions have meaning only when they improve the health of people and relieve their suffering.
27 chikungunya' derives from a root verb in the Kimakonde language, meaning "to become contorted" and describes the stooped appearance of sufferers with joint pain.
28 In politics, good and evil, categories of the natural world and therefore obsolete remnants of the past, lose all absolute meaning; the sole method of politics is quantifiable success.
29 These are important results because they demonstrate a mirror neuron response to the meaning of an action and not just the observation of one.
30 But for all of you Americans living and working overseas, this day takes on a whole new meaning.