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maximise in a sentence

1. These arrays normally track the sun to maximise power generation.

2. This was primarily to maximise the footballer's potential;

3. Not all cultures seek to maximise happiness.

4. Many feature hybrid-diesel engines to maximise efficiency.

5. It does not maximise the chances of winning a game.

6. Buckshot was used to maximise casualties.

7. It was built this way to maximise space.

8. Not all cultures seek to maximise happiness.

9. to maximise the impact of advocacy work at the European level;

10. Not all cultures seek to maximise happiness.

11. The area was designed to maximise middle-class residential capacity.

12. In order to maximise his income, he kept his staff to the minimum.

13. Over time they became narrower to maximise speed.

14. It must schedule the racing calendar to maximise profit.

15. Not all cultures seek to maximise happiness.

16. To maximise the use of aircraft, night flights were used.

17. The aim is to minimise dust and maximise air quality in the stable.

18. The superstructure was so arranged as to maximise the fields of fire.

19. The power also seems to have been limited to maximise smooth running.

20. Not all cultures seek to maximise happiness.

21. - People first: the shops do not need to maximise profits;

22. The goal is to maximise weight gain and reduce infection rates.

23. Money in the NDF can be invested elsewhere to maximise return.

24. Gun ports were positioned to maximise enfilading fire.

25. The goal was to maximise regional specialisation.

26. Those designed to maximise the profits of the shareholders;

27. He also tended to build south-facing houses to maximise sunlight.

28. Everything possible was done to control costs and maximise income.

29. and maximise Energy Equity.

30. They were given a year to maximise the value of their portfolio.