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matres in a sentence

1. along with he, these were already used as matres lectionis in Phoenician.

2. In the latter role, they are known as matres lectionis or "mothers of reading".

3. The Honored Matres attack Rakis, killing Taraza.

4. Teg also goes to a supposed safe house, only to discover the Honored Matres.

5. and ה‎ were only used as matres lectiones at the end of words, and י‎

6. In some verb forms, matres lectionis are almost always used.

7. This is why the Honored Matres have been driven back into the Old Empire;

8. There, Idaho trains young men to go out into the universe and enslave Honored Matres.

9. She notes that Nehalennia features some of the same attributes as the Matres.

10. These consonants are called matres lectionis.

11. At the end of the game, both teams' almae matres are played and sung.

12. The Honored Matres develop during this Scattering;

13. But renegade Matres still persist;

14. This anger leads to the name of the order, "Honored Matres", or Honored Mothers.

15. The Honored Matres use "the Weapon" and turn defeat into victory.

16. She takes charge of the Honored Matres, who are awed by her physical prowess.

17. There are no letters for vowels, which are marked by matres lectionis.

18. Phibians have been brought to Buzzell by the Matres to harvest the soostones for them;

19. Corysta refuses, and the Matres take the Phibian child away.

20. The Honored Matres later conquer the planet, enslaving the Bene Gesserit there.

21. Rakis itself is destroyed by the Honored Matres at the end of Heretics of Dune;

22. ŏ, bottom row), and the matres lectionis (וּ‎

23. She could be derived from Celtic goddesses like Epona, the Matres, and Artio.

24. Tzere can be written with and without matres lectionis.

25. The mother of the Lares is addressed only as Matres Larum;

26. Lucilla is then "betrayed" to the Honored Matres.

27. Murbella searches her Other Memory for the origin of the Honored Matres.

28. Teg is then captured by the Honored Matres.

29. Teg is tortured by the Honored Matres using a T-Probe;

30. A second altar to the Matres (mother goddesses) was found at Mumrills.