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mating calls in a sentence

1. They are primarily nocturnal in habit with strident mating calls.

2. It also has an elaborate courtship display and a variety of loud mating calls.

3. Individuals have been observed making long wailing vocalizations, probably as mating calls.

4. The increase the hair cells make also increase the sensitivity to male mating calls.

5. Mating calls are common forms of communication between the sexes.

6. Males begin their mating calls by perching above ground level.

7. Their mating calls are most often heard as low rumbling sounds in a slow rhythm.

8. Males begin to produce mating calls in the late spring and continue as late as August.

9. The bats have also been studied to distinguish the mating calls of multiple species in the area.

10. Their mating calls occur on tree trunks, logs and bushes.

11. They also produce mating calls during their fall.

12. The mating calls have a simple structure.

13. During these mating calls, the males are typically located in vegetation in water.

14. Females usually prefer complex mating calls (whine and chucks) to simple ones.

15. The bright color of the male and specific mating calls attract the female to the male parrotlet.

16. The males emit mating calls during the breeding season;

17. Tainted Love: Mating Calls and Fight Songs is the final album by Shivaree, consisting of covers.

18. They also produce mating calls during their fall.

19. Recent evidence points to differences in their mating calls, which is very diverse.

20. Only the male frogs are able to produce mating calls to attract gravid female frogs.

21. Most frogs use an air sac located under their mouth to produce mating calls.

22. Mating calls also take form through mechanical processes.

23. Predation also affects the mating calls of field crickets.

24. Many species of birds, such as manakins and hummingbirds, use sonation for mating calls.

25. Female preferences for specific male mating calls can lead to sexual selection in mating calls.

26. The differences in mating calls also help to reinforce the speciation process.

27. During breeding season, bowheads make long, complex, variable songs for mating calls.

28. Vocalizations that are made prior to copulation are named mating calls.

29. Males use mating calls to attract females or challenge other bulls.

30. Male black field crickets produce mating calls using their forewings.