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mate selection in a sentence

1. The females arrive sporadically, mate selection takes place and eggs are laid.

2. In this sense, flirting plays a role in the mate-selection process.

3. Mate selection and courtship is not as important as speed in reproduction.

4. Mate selection is quite complex and accompanied with much social play in the Corvidae.

5. No studies show the extent to which odor preference determines mate selection (or vice versa).

6. Courting and mate selection occur partially in flight.

7. Mate selection seems to be largely status-based, with higher status mates being more desirable.

8. These displays make the male conspicuous and aids in mate selection.

9. This is suggestive of a form of parental imprinting on eventual mate selection.

10. For instance, in mate selection, people have been shown to have a preference for symmetry.

11. Female choice can have a serious impact on mate selection and successful reproduction.

12. Mate selection by female darters is assumed to be common.

13. As part of the mate selection process, square-tailed kites perform courtship flights.

14. Being dominant, the female has the greatest input to mate selection.

15. however, studies have shown a difference in mate selection in different seasons.

16. In the wet season, mate selection returned to 1:1 proportions.

17. Males may tap into female sensory biases that may influence female mate selection.

18. Tragedy has also been associated with status conflict and comedy with mate selection.

19. This shows the importance of the presence or absence of ants as a major factor in mate selection.

20. Kin recognition is associated with mate selection in O. bicornis.

21. To avoid inbreeding, most taxa recognize kin and do not consider them in mate selection.

22. This may be due to the foxes' monogamous mating system and highly specific mate selection.

23. UV vision may be related to foraging, communication, and mate selection.

24. This suggests that UV light detection is crucial for correct mate selection.

25. Filter theory is a sociological theory concerning dating and mate selection.

26. Flirting with intent plays a role in mate-selection.

27. There was relatively little public discussion about Sanders's running mate selection process.

28. Some animals clearly do use discrimination for purposes of mate selection.

29. Their mating ritual is highly studied due to their distinctive mate selection behaviors.

30. This has been observed to play a role in mate selection.