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No. sentence
1 The heavy expenses involved in his marriage celebration cancelled out the possible pleasure he'd have.
2 story begins with their marriage.
3 While honeymooning in Europe after his marriage to Millicent Wilson in 1903, he expanded his publishing empire with Motor Magazine.
4 marriage should be a safe haven in which partners are able to express their differences, anger and conflict.
5 So you need to uncover and meet the respective expectations that you both have... If you do this, your marriage will grow stronger.
6 Life often seems to be marked off into different periods: childhood, schooldays, marriage, old age, for example.
7 Dont't try to win in your marriage, win for your marriage.
8 They'll be that power couple; they'll be fulfilled, happy, and living on purpose, they'll be a sign, pointing the way, to what marriage should be.
9 Shen Zheng, a Peking University psychology professor, looking to marriage to provide security is very dangerous.
10 However, it tends to be explained as "the calming influence of marriage", which is not really an explanation at all. "Ambition fulfilled" is a better one.
11 In the post-war Soviet Union she sent food parcels to political prisoners and attended their trials, until her first marriage collapsed in the chaos of caring for them.
12 Shouldn't marriage and relationships lighten our load, not add to our burden?
13 Years later he attended his daughter's marriage as an ordinary guest, not as father of the bride.
14 You do not have to repeat mistakes in marriage.
15 Marriage without registration is not recognized by law.
16 But if you look at marriage in the United States over the past century, this interpretation doesn't stand up.
17 I realized that it was not my marriage that was broken, I just didnt know how to make it work.
18 Many seem to think if they could better express themselves or if their spouse would only listen and understand what they mean then things in the marriage would dramatically improve.
19 I think you have to first recognize the purpose of marriage, which is growth and development!
20 Why then, if communication is vital to our survival as individuals and to the institution of marriage, are we often so bad at it?
21 The ideal marriage is of a writer and her/his editor.
22 His research suggests marriage counselors might do well to encourage troubled couples to be more critical of one another.
23 did not begin until well after midnight. This being the marriage season, the musicians and dancers first had to perform at several weddings around Lahore.
24 For many, a successful marriage can be put down to attraction, devotion, patience -and true love.
25 It's not that these couples lost themselves in the marriage; instead, they grew in it.
26 You would not go to a carpenter to pull a tooth; neither should you discuss your marriage problems with relatives or friends.
27 Student: Separate but equal marriage verses society does or does not?
28 Michelle's parents had a long, stable marriage, but her maternal grandparents split without ever formally divorcing, and her paternal grandparents separated for 11 years.
29 How do you count time in a marriage?
30 If such contractual arrangements are really just as good as marriage, then what is a wedding good for, other than cake?