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No. sentence
1 VIP brand will open in Mangalore and Mumbai this year, as well as southern California, marking the firm's first foray into the United States.
2 There were no signs marking the international border, no fences, no barbed wire.
3 If they didn't, the browser's XML parser would be considered "non-conforming" and people would mock it mercilessly before marking it as horrifically broken for Ajax.
4 July 2005, tests on three rare Owston's palm civets that died in captivity in Viet Nam detected H5N1 infection, marking the first known infection in this mammalian species.
5 A marking device, such as a gummed strip of paper, attached to an object to attract attention or ease identification; a TAB.
6 I finished marking her name on all the hospital supplies she would be using, then asked if she needed anything.
7 Marking up all your view columns with up/down arrows is not necessarily making your application any easier to use, but it certainly will make it slower.
8 Marking is a step or technique in MDA in which additional information, not within the semantic scope of the model itself, can be added to a model solely for use by automation later.
9 So I buried my money in a hole under the hedge, marking the spot with a lump of flint.
10 Complete inspection requirements, including lighting requirements and method of marking defects for rework or repair.
11 He points out, for instance, that "marking people as" friends "is often grossly inaccurate" and may result in confusing and contradictory metadata in friend-networks.
12 Fight mark software" by special research and develop makes it be more suitable for marking and drilling of on-line speedy spurts code.
13 You can break this down structure even further, marking the punctuation (the period, comma, and hyphen) or breaking the zip code into two pieces.
14 The photo shows Hepburn posing for one of the movie's iconic publicity shots with pencil lines marking up her face, supposedly indicating where the gamine star could use a bit of smoothing.
15 Blizzard said it would be marking World of Warcraft's fifth anniversary with some special in-game features, including new enemies for players to battle against, and the Onyxia Brood Whelping Pet.
16 Incineration of my memory, marking you dwells beauty.
17 Its most noticeable star pattern is the Great Square of Pegasus: four second magnitude stars marking the body of the horse.
18 He was a perfectionist who gave everything to a performance; in the footage, however, he was often conserving his voice, marking his dance steps, and correcting mistakes.
19 Milestones 2007 is the third in a series of meetings marking the anniversary of the landmark World report on violence and health released by WHO in 2002.
20 One afternoon in the spring of 2009, I was marking midterms in my tiny garret office at Columbia University when the phone rang.
21 usually comes with a diagram, marking the position of the tiny specks of carbon that can be seen when viewed through a "loupe", the jeweller's 10x magnification tool.
22 In the middle is a white stone statue of a soldier, marking the place where the barricade was built, and where those four boys were killed.
23 Sunspots are dark patches marking magnetically active regions that often host solar flares and violent belches called coronal mass ejections.
24 Note: marking the activity for skip should be performed before the jump is requested.
25 Rather, the researchers have determined that the neuron signals were marking intervals of time, ticking off time-stamps down to tens of milliseconds.
26 It's not about marriage, and marriage will still seem quite a ways off, I fear, when you read Lycidas, but we will be marking the transition to the poetry of marriage soon enough.
27 There are several costs to card marking - additional space for the card map, additional work to be done on each pointer store, and additional work to be done at garbage collection time.
28 At the bottom of some is the brickwork of tombs, marking the area as a cemetery.
29 Marking of the tenure area will run concurrently as required while allocations and collections happen in the nursery.
30 Card marking algorithms can add as little as two or three machine instructions per non-initializing heap pointer store, and entails scanning any objects on dirty CARDS at minor collection time.