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No. sentence
1 There is a market for human flesh; and it is not with your shadowy hands, shuddering around them, that you will prevent them from entering it!
2 Not only because they generally have shopping with them for the market, but because they are often on the heavy side.
3 As Apple scrambles to add new features in order to capture back some of that market, its phones will inevitably slowly become a little more complex, too.
4 main problem is to prevent others cashing in before we have had time to market the product.
5 I don't expect the market to feel jubilant because of this,' said Jigar Shah, head of research in Mumbai for securities firm Kim Eng Securities.
6 Taiwanese billionaire Tsai Eng-Meng began nibbling on the media a couple of years ago, but now the snack king is out to grab a bigger share of the island's broadcast market.
7 market is quite lively.
8 Our new products have already come to market.
9 If all goes well, their first products should be on the market next year.
10 The market for launching small satellites is presently only partly served by the Pegasus rocket, which is launched at high altitude by a commercial jet aircraft.
11 Chances are they are not the only members of your webinar audience or target market that have asked themselves that same question.
12 market supports so many companies because the notion of static analysis is broad.
13 What do people in your market see as your strengths?
14 The bears also point to China's expensive real-estate market and so-called ghost cities that relatively few inhabit, despite billions poured into them by Beijing.
15 dollar declined on the open market.
16 market absorbed all the computers we could build.
17 He often rakes around the market for some art treasure.
18 The stock market will soon rally.
19 His work is to test out new designs of cars before they are put on the market.
20 She was bargaining about the goods in the market.
21 Their firm has cornered the wheat market.
22 The government predicates that the market collapse was caused by Asian financial crisis.
23 The tape market requires control.
24 stock market called every depression and recovery since 1930.
25 The stock market brisked up.
26 The most reliable car on the market, bar none.
27 The stock market turned down sharply.
28 They are raking in large profits from the housing market.
29 emphasis of current economic work is on getting the market in gear.
30 market does not beat them. They beat themselves.