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1 Seeing the victories of the Bolsheviks in the October Revolution and the resulting Russian Civil War, many workers and activists turned to communist parties which grew at the expense of anarchism and other socialist movements.
2 While the term "test anxiety" refers specifically to students, many workers share the same experience with regard to their career or profession.
3 Sociological work has explored the social alienation and boredom that many workers feel because of the repetition of doing the same specialized task all day long.
4 Added to this was there were still serf like conditions for many workers and insufficient educational infrastructure.
5 After a period of autarky, from the late 1950s through to the 1970s Catalonia saw rapid economic growth, drawing many workers from across Spain, making Barcelona one of Europe's largest industrial metropolitan areas and turning Catalonia into a major tourist destination.
6 Due to the introduction of new technologies, many workers have been made redundant in the recent years, creating a total unemployment rate of about 10%. Dimona has taken part of Israel's solar transformation.
7 During the Industrial Revolution, many workers moved from England's countryside to new and expanding urban industrial areas to work in factories, for instance at Birmingham and Manchester, dubbed "Workshop of the World" and "Warehouse City" respectively.
8 In September 1933 Dollfuss merged his Christian Social Party with elements of other nationalist and conservative groups, including the Heimwehr, which encompassed many workers who were unhappy with the radical leadership of the socialist party, to form the Vaterländische Front, though the Heimwehr continued to exist as an independent organization until 1936, when Dollfuss' successor Kurt von Schuschnigg forcibly merged it into the Front, instead creating the unabidingly loyal Frontmiliz as paramilitary task force.
9 According to Marx, with the cooperation of many workers brings about an economy in the use of the means of production and an increase in productivity due to the increase in the division of labour.
10 Gary's decline was brought on by the growing overseas competitiveness in the steel industry, which had caused U.S. Steel to lay off many workers from the Gary area.
11 In addition, they brought in many workers from Jamaica and Belize, both to work on the plantations, but also as lower managers and skilled workers.
12 Many workers and senior employees of the Rijkswaterstaat settled in Old Hook.
13 Many workers, such as displaced farmers and agricultural workers, who had nothing but their labour to sell, became factory workers out of necessity.
14 The result was lengthy commutes for many workers in the big cities, especially in Tokyo area where daily commutes of two hours each way are common.
15 Finally, on top of all this, in both CGS-ESU and CGS-EMU as well as in the Gaussian system, Maxwell's equations are ‘unrationalized', meaning that they contain various factors of 4π that many workers found awkward.
16 The rising cost of education and lack of guarantees of future employment have caused many workers to transfer to informal apprenticeships.
17 Many workers prefer to live in the three neighboring countries and drive to work each day.
18 Many workers, in fact, would like to get away from their factories if they could and find more creative artisanal types of work, not simply "participate" in "planning" their own misery.
19 and to economically re-establish the urban working class, who had lost many workers to fight the counter-revolutionary Civil War.
20 It is reported that many workers in the police force have left to work in casinos for better pay.
21 Although the bombs' existence was public, secrecy continued, and many workers remained ignorant of their jobs;
22 Rather than picking up a newspaper, or watching the 10 o'clock news, people can log onto the internet to get the news they want, when they want it. For example, many workers listen to the radio through the Internet while sitting at their desk.
23 For many workers in the field a reactor is an item which is too expensive, instead it is common to use a neutron source which uses a combination of an alpha emitter and beryllium.
24 Acquiring new skills gave many workers a sense of self-respect and confidence, heightening expectations and desires.
25 Yet even in France or Britain, where most male workers had the right to vote, many workers did not trust party politics.
26 The enormous numerical growth of well-organized socialist parties, such as in Germany and Italy, did not, in the minds of many workers, correlate with any real advance in the class struggle as these parties were thought to be overly concerned with building the parties themselves and with electoral politics than with the class struggle and had therefore lost their original revolutionary edge.
27 Although fewer than 1,000 Swazis are directly employed in the mining sector, many workers from Eswatini processed timber from the country's extensive pine populations for mines in South Africa, and around 10,000–15,000 Swazis were employed in South African mines.
28 Many workers shared the success of these large firms, which typically offered the highest wages in the world.
29 When immigrants flooded labor markets on the East Coast, many workers moved inland, often to farmland waiting to be tilled.
30 Many workers find this type of environment rewarding and pleasant professionally and personally.