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many villages in a sentence

1. Many villages are located here (esp.

2. Many villages were set on fire.

3. bakhsh) and many villages around them.

4. Many villages on Nangan have two names.

5. Many villages and towns were lost forever.

6. Many villages disappeared forever.

7. Many villages were abandoned.

8. many villages were plundered and destroyed.

9. Many villages are connected with the city.

10. Mukkudal is surrounded by many villages.

11. It is a city surrounded by many villages.

12. Sunderbani comprises many villages like.

13. There are many villages in the township.

14. Many villages occupy more than one muban.

15. It is surrounded by many villages.

16. It also passes through many villages.

17. Many villages are close by to Nurmahal.

18. There are many villages at Pipalkot VDC.

19. In each panchayat there are many villages.

20. Later he went to many villages.

21. He conguered many villages for Isanlu.

22. Pugalur includes many villages and towns.

23. There are many villages near Rangail.

24. Many villages were first mentioned in 1495.

25. Abburu may refer to many villages in India:

26. Many villages were systematically burned.

27. The Lidar passes through many villages.

28. Also, many villages have been divided.

29. It is a sub-division for many villages.

30. its under many villages.