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many philosophies in a sentence

1. Anarchism has continued to generate many philosophies and movements, at times eclectic, drawing upon various sources and syncretic, combining disparate concepts to create new philosophical approaches.

2. The generic concept would cover many philosophies across the political spectrum from left to right.

3. Garden design, inspired by modern architecture, naturally followed in the same philosophy of "form following function", thus concerning the many philosophies of plant maturity.

4. I think even social democracy, the watered down version which Labour sort of understand depending on which day of the week it is, is not very convincing, and I don’t really understand where the Conservatives are coming from because they have so many philosophies within one party.

5. Influenced by 1960s counterculture and the non-commercial rock festivals of the early 1970s, Rainbow is a "revitalization movement" with many philosophies and practices that have roots in the historic utopian traditions of the mid–19th century.

6. The two groups of Populism and Progressivism shared many philosophies, but the latter was widely accepted because it was not seen by the majority as anarchically.

7. Neoshamanism is not a single, cohesive belief system, but a collective term for many philosophies and activities.

8. V has many philosophies and opinions on life, and hates little.

9. Gaviotas' pragmatic approach to its survival disassociates the village from many philosophies and political ideologies.

10. The extent of antipositivist criticism has also become broad, with many philosophies broadly rejecting the scientifically based social epistemology and other ones only seeking to amend it to reflect 20th century developments in the philosophy of science.

11. In many philosophies of logic, statements are categorized into different logical qualities based on how they go about saying what they say.

12. Snowflaking has an influence on the data structure that differs from many philosophies of data warehouses.

13. The author expounds that many philosophies which existed in the Jain classics are eloquently and skillfully interpreted in the work.

14. There are many philosophies which understand emotional security to be a product of outlook.

15. Process theory had many philosophies behind it following its creation.

16. Whilst the classical schools of anarchist thought remain popular and relevant to the modern world (for example, anarcho-syndicalism, a movement within anarchism that seeks to organize society along economic syndicalism, has proponents that include Noam Chomsky, who said it is "highly relevant to advanced industrial societies), anarchism continues to generate many philosophies and movements, at times eclectic, drawing upon various sources, and syncretic, combining disparate concepts to create new philosophical approaches.

17. He argues that there are many philosophies and that a current, active philosophy unifies all current knowledge and represents the "rising" class becoming conscious of itself.

18. According to Helena Forsas-Scott, the author "explores all possible avenues of treatment, official and alternative, and in the process describes an ultimately triumphant journey to a wide embracing faith, embracing aspects of many philosophies, including Ancient Egyptian and Indian".

19. Godwin points out many philosophies and religions that started during a time when "man could not see beyond the gross material world" (701 BCE – 1699 CE).