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many items in a sentence

1. Thus he goes, building a trail of many items.

2. Many items were donated by Jarrold Printing.

3. Many items are in use under licence.

4. many items related to the career of W. G. Grace;

5. many items have been digitized and are viewable online.

6. Many items are designed to be shared.

7. Many items still retain those names.

8. Many items are in use under licence.

9. Many items of jewellery were also found in the kurgan.

10. There were many items.

11. Many items are not allowed to be dumped at all anymore.

12. In extreme mode you can buy many items.

13. Many items of the collection are available online.

14. The many items found are known as the Lava Treasure.

15. Many items of furniture were reupholstered in white.

16. Even with this many items remain in major collections;

17. Many items of gold, silver etc.

18. Many items contain quotes from authors from the field.

19. He has to buy many items.

20. It contains many items which have been registered.

21. The fire of 1879 destroyed many items.

22. Many items on this list have nicknames.

23. many items were taken from 91 Crane Street, Salisbury.

24. Many items have multiple uses;

25. Samay Baji consists of many items on a single plate.

26. He felt that there were too many items to collect.

27. Many items come from the handful of royal burials.

28. Inside the church, there are many items of interest.

29. He has to buy many items.

30. Many items have been donated by the local people.