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many diverse fields in a sentence

1. In addition to mathematics and statistics, the arithmetic mean is used frequently in many diverse fields such as economics, anthropology and history, and it is used in almost every academic field to some extent.

2. Meteorology has application in many diverse fields such as the military, energy production, transport, agriculture, and construction.

3. According to an exhibition at Tate Britain, "His influence has forever changed our understanding and interpretation of the world, and can be found in many diverse fields, from Marcel Duchamp's painting Nude Descending a Staircase and countless works by Francis Bacon, to the blockbuster film The Matrix and Philip Glass's opera The Photographer."

4. A Renaissance man, Peale had expertise not only in painting but also in many diverse fields, including carpentry, dentistry, optometry, shoemaking, and taxidermy.

5. Numerous public figures in many diverse fields have been students at the university.

6. Open architectures have been successfully implemented in many diverse fields, including the US Navy.

7. Human biology is an interdisciplinary area of study that examines humans through the influences and interplay of many diverse fields such as genetics, evolution, physiology, anatomy, epidemiology, anthropology, ecology, nutrition, population genetics, and sociocultural influences.

8. The mathematical relationships used to describe the flow of water through porous media are Darcy's law, the diffusion and Laplace equations, which have applications in many diverse fields.

9. The ability to quickly transmit information over long distances would prove to have an enormous impact on many diverse fields like journalism, banking, and diplomacy.

10. Centennial offers more than 260 programs including: bachelor's degree, diploma, certificate, post-graduate certificate and apprenticeship programs, across many diverse fields of study.

11. His knowledge in these fields were frequently put to test by those who could not comprehend how a single mind could be so competent in so many diverse fields of knowledge.

12. The population of Greppen find their livelihood in many diverse fields.

13. It contained the stories of many women who ran home-based businesses throughout the country in many diverse fields, as well as information on business formation, conduct and compliance with the law.

14. The International C2 Journal was an internationally directed and peer reviewed publication that presented articles written by authors from all over the world in many diverse fields of Command and Control such as systems, human factors, experimentation, and operations.

15. His varied career includes experience in many diverse fields.

16. Evolving network concepts build on established network theory and are now being introduced into studying networks in many diverse fields.

17. Numerous public figures in many diverse fields have been students at the university, including:

18. It is derivable from fluctuations in the predominance of order and chaos in a dynamic system and has been used as a measure of complexity in many diverse fields.