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many discoveries in a sentence

1. The Inca made many discoveries in medicine.

2. In addition to many discoveries in the sea, some wrecks have been examined in lakes.

3. The many discoveries of this nature earned for Gilbert the title of founder of the electrical science.

4. Stevin is responsible for many discoveries and inventions.

5. William then began to search himself for nebulae, sensing that there were many discoveries to be made.

6. The attention drawn to atmospheric gases in the 1970s stimulated many discoveries in subsequent decades.

7. These further explorations led to many discoveries along the Oregon and Washington Coasts.

8. British expeditions made many discoveries in the region.

9. As a man of many discoveries, Karl Ziegler was also a man of many patents.

10. Among their many discoveries are numerous planets and two intelligent alien races.

11. Some of the more important specimens are: The museum has made many discoveries over the years.

12. These methods aided in the many discoveries dealing with receptors.

13. Many discoveries were made, including nearly every pre-World War II camp on the mountain.

14. Among the many discoveries of the Challenger expedition was the identification of the Challenger Deep.

15. Many discoveries in SLOS research have been made using animal models.

16. The Center is also known for its many discoveries involving daytime game shows.

17. Among his many discoveries, he discovered the polarized emissions from the sun's corona in 1860.

18. They have many adventures and challenges and make many discoveries.

19. The many discoveries of this nature earned for Gilbert the title of founder of the electrical science.

20. This information led to many discoveries which helped to form the basis of the theory of plate tectonics.

21. Among his many discoveries was the medicinal plant Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).

22. He made many discoveries and advocated separating anthropology from religion.

23. Neoclides and his pupil Leon, who added many discoveries."

24. They have made many discoveries of stone tools around Fitjar.

25. Darevsky made many discoveries in evolutionary biology.

26. The incidence of psittacosis declined notably owing to the many discoveries in this area by Meyer.

27. He was a famed oceanographer known for many discoveries in his field.

28. Though many discoveries were made since then, it remains the standard reference work on the subject.

29. It was one of many discoveries that took place near the same time as the invention of the computer.

30. George Washington Carver, a botanist from Missouri had made many discoveries regarding the peanut.