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many days in a sentence

1. some transports took many days to arrive.

2. Death could take many days.

3. Landslides isolated towns for many days.

4. I spent many days as the handmaid of God.

5. This process could take many days.

6. many days have several large parades.

7. For many days neither side made a move;

8. How many days do we have to get there? Nine.

9. it continued to burn for many days;

10. How many days do we have to get there? Nine.

11. many days have several large parades.

12. He is alone in the tower for many days.

13. Babu spends many days with the family.

14. She lived like this for many days.

15. Lakhamari can be stored in dry for many days.

16. (other sources say many days later).

17. For many days Schilder walked and talked.

18. The yagna lasted for many days.

19. Ajay leaves Bhavna alone and many days pass.

20. The war continues for many days.

21. Or dying be remembered many days.

22. Kamm was confined to his bed for many days.

23. Then she slept many days.

24. To come home was a question of many days.

25. The battle went on for many days.

26. They can live without water for many days.

27. He was never staying many days one place.

28. The flowers can survive for many days.

29. So Shimei lived in Jerusalem many days.

30. How many days are there usually in Febuary?