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many countries in a sentence

1. Many countries have kite museums.

2. Many countries regulate their use.

3. and many countries around the world.

4. in many countries it is still legal.

5. Many countries have a smoking age.

6. This song was a hit in many countries.

7. Many countries have blue cheeses.

8. Not many countries have this;

9. Saab is imported into many countries;

10. In many countries.

11. It is endemic to many countries.

12. Parts are exported to many countries.

13. It is not available in many countries.

14. It is active in many countries.

15. In many countries the film was cut.

16. The women come from many countries;

17. It is endemic to many countries.

18. FGCs are used in many countries.

19. Many countries have their own variant:

20. There are giwa in many countries.

21. In many countries, this is the norm;

22. She has played polo in many countries;

23. Recession is common in many countries;

24. Many countries followed the US move.

25. It is used in many countries.

26. It is illegal in many countries.

27. It is found in many countries.

28. Many countries followed.

29. She worked in many countries.

30. Many countries have a variable rate;