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many communities in a sentence

1. Many communities have small air taxi services.

2. La Porte contains many communities.

3. The Hamptons are home to many communities.

4. Within the townships are many communities.

5. Many communities set up local tribunals.

6. Many communities have a "provisional membership" period.

7. Many communities have few residential lots available;

8. The bridge affected many communities on the Eastside.

9. The city's urban landscape is shaped by many communities.

10. Many communities declared support for Santa Anna.

11. Many communities lie within San Joaquin Hills.

12. Many communities are coterminous with council wards.

13. The surname Panicker is used by many communities today.

14. Many communities still retain their Spanish rancho name.

15. Many communities around the U.S. used this term;

16. The many communities following Sikhism is detailed below.

17. Many communities are found along the coast-line.

18. Many communities use play to emulate work.

19. Many communities reported significant tree damage.

20. Here are living so many communities.

21. Many roads were washed out, isolating many communities.

22. By 2009 many communities restored Rosenwald schools.

23. Many communities around the U.S. used this term;

24. After independence many communities came to the village.

25. Memorial services were held in many communities.

26. thus many communities were renamed.

27. In the city many communities were reformed.

28. Xcel served many communities in Wisconsin in 2019.

29. Many communities have small air taxi services.

30. Memories of white paternalism linger in many communities.