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No. sentence
1 For every healthy, valuable cub, it is thought that many are born with ailments like shortened tendons, club foot, kidney problems, malformed backbones, contorted necks, and twisted faces.
2 Many different qualities go towards the making of an astronaut.
3 New York is like many big, crowded cities in having plenty of art to bump into - or drop or toss in the trash or surrender to the cosmic banana peel.
4 You gave me two too many.
5 Of course, being vegetarian does not protect you from growthagents in watermelons or fake grapes, so many of the new-wave vegetarians goorganic as well.
6 Many trees were hacked down.
7 The storm uprooted many trees.
8 We encounter so many problems in our work.
9 This was only one of many murder cases he judged.
10 Is there any use in paring down thinking? I've found myself doing this over time, in many areas.
11 Many sources write articles against waste.
12 Developing an enterprise SOA middleware requires advance planning about how many SOAs can be grouped together as the middleware application.
13 Many of O2's customers think tethering is too expensive, providing competitors with the opportunity to make cuts.
14 Many countries around the world, including Cuba, Venezuela, Switzerland, and Ireland, have already banned the use of incandescent lights.
15 Maybe, like many teams, you have reached the point of saturation where you now have too many tests to account for.
16 He has eaten so many eggs since his childhood that he is fed up with them now.
17 It can be developed, processed, and deployed in many different environments — from mobile systems such as phones and PDAs to print environments.
18 She already had many dreams in her collection.
19 Many people believe that chickens peck the ground to search for the magic needle.
20 Automobile accidents maim many people each year.
21 Fertility rates in many European nations and Japan have dropped below the replacement rate, causing concern that shortages of labor and productivity could threaten the quality of life.
22 this was completed, we worked with the storage team to determine what type and how many LUNs we would require for each of the AIX systems that were migrating to this new device.
23 They lined up so many votes for him that he won the election for mayor.
24 So many children who commit violent crimes have themselves been brutalized by years of abuse and neglect.
25 There are as many as 300 new products on show.
26 Now be honest with me, how many of you noticed?
27 In most fires many people got killed not because they were burned to death but because they were suffocated.
28 Although the concept of use cases has been around for more than twenty years, many software practitioners have never actually used them or even been exposed to them.
29 As we reviewed in the previous section, normally in a single-tier schedule, managers ask our practitioners how many features they can deliver in each six-week iteration.
30 As agile processes mature, it is critical that we as practitioners stay true to the spirit of the agile manifesto, and not be carried away by the tasks defined in the many variants of agile methods.