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No. sentence
1 Nature can only let us exist while arts create our mankind.
2 To emancipate all mankind, we will balk at no sacrifice. even that of our lives.
3 The modeling of methane hydrate is frankly in its infancy," but it seems "robust to conclude" that mankind could "melt a significant fraction of the methane hydrates in the ocean," they wrote.
4 Great civilizations have always flourished alongside rivers, but the Egyptian civilization, which started on the Nile, is the most fascinating and mysterious in the history of mankind.
5 One of writer's favourite themes is the fraternity of mankind.
6 If the atmosphere filled up with nitrogen, mankind would not survive," she continued, as we inspected an extinct species of bird. "that does not mean that mankind deserved to die."
7 These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice.
8 The solstices and equinoxes remaining in the next two years are complex and flamed with multiple hologramic inserts for the Ascension of both mankind and the planet.
9 We encounter the worst evil in the history of mankind together with the greatest courage in the history of humanity.
10 climate system, which is an important part of Nature, bears significant importance to social development of mankind and hence should be treasured and protected.
11 Music: the one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend.
12 Mankind appropriates about a quarter of what is known as the net primary production of the Earth (this is the plant tissue created by photosynthesis)—a lot, but hardly near the point of exhaustion.
13 I have offended God and mankind because my work did not reach the quality it should have.
14 A new age for mankind is dawning.
15 Combating climate change is an objective not only for us but also for the future of mankind.
16 Reason alone was cultivated and Mankind cou’d only be his Pupil, not his Enemy.
17 Mankind is destroying rainforests, draining marshes and drilling into mountains to provide timber, water, coal and other resources.
18 Yet when all is said and done, the world is at the start of a new agricultural revolution that could, for the first time ever, feed all mankind adequately.
19 Second, the kings were imagined as coming from far-away realms and representing the different races of mankind.
20 It's history as a world power and its unique cultural environment in the heart of Europe have generated contributions to mankind in every possible field.
21 Asia is one of the places where mankind originated.
22 be sure, war, violence and poverty are still with us and we as mankind are probably more aware of these problems worldwide than ever before thanks to advances in technology and communication.
23 Let us work together and make even greater contribution to world peace and stability and common progress of mankind.
24 Love of mankind would be fatal to me.
25 Via reading books, we can not only learn what mankind has achieved, but can also be greatly inspired to develop and innovate on the basis of existing knowledge.
26 In the history of mankind, every society, including primitive tribes, rapidly developed money in the above manner, on the market.
27 Bravery may sometimes have its drawbacks; but it has always maintained a deep hold on the reverence of mankind.
28 For mankind to get even to the threshold of a global agreement is a marvel.
29 GEOLOGISTS tend to treat mankind as a temporary phenomenon of no great significance for the underlying structure of the earth.
30 Adam, in taking the apple had condemned himself and all of mankind to damnation.