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manipulate in a sentence

1. She can manipulate and control light.

2. manipulate the lunar material;

3. The celebrities manipulate."

4. manipulate memory;

5. Rare individuals (grays) can manipulate both.

6. They manipulate both order and chaos.

7. Tempo can manipulate time.

8. He was there to manipulate the media.

9. In turn, Tracy began to manipulate Charlie.

10. He can use his paws to manipulate rifles.

11. You can't manipulate 10 league titles.

12. Pretty good way to manipulate him;

13. A robotic monster that can manipulate fire.

14. Rory has the ability to manipulate gravity.

15. He was able to manipulate the wind.

16. They can also manipulate their appearances.

17. Another person Akiba can't manipulate.

18. and manipulate it directly.

19. Pryor Cashman can manipulate memories.

20. She was able to manipulate people;

21. He can also manipulate memories.

22. She can manipulate and control light.

23. manipulate interactive geometric sketches.

24. Agent Yoon tries to manipulate Sgt.

25. Eclipse can manipulate photons.

26. Model contains code to manipulate the data.

27. to manipulate ions in the gas phase.

28. manipulate fire and heat.

29. Beginners could manipulate it without fear.

30. They want to gain influence and manipulate.