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mangrove swamps in a sentence

1. Mangrove swamps line the Salée River.

2. The dominant habitats are mangrove swamps and samphire flats.

3. The coast has a number of mangrove swamps.

4. The site was predominantly mangrove swamps and sand ridges.

5. The mangrove swamps are a few miles east at the Salt River.

6. Also found in bamboo jungle, mangrove swamps and reeds.

7. which stands clearly out above the low-lying mangrove swamps.

8. extensive mangrove swamps line much of the low shore.

9. They also occur in mangrove swamps.

10. and a littoral plain with a belt of mangrove swamps.

11. Nearby mangrove swamps provide sanctuaries for sea birds.

12. The rest of the island consists of mangrove swamps.

13. The eastern end of the island is dominated by mangrove swamps.

14. Juveniles may find shelter in mangrove swamps.

15. Here there are coastal reefs and mangrove swamps.

16. Large parts of the shore of Darval Bay are mangrove swamps.

17. Much of the region consists of mangrove swamps.

18. The lagoon has mangrove swamps, salt marshes and sea grasses.

19. Mangrove swamps are associated brackish water habitats.

20. Coastal mangrove swamps are threatened.

21. Mangrove swamps cover much of the shores of Dautillos.

22. It grows in mangrove swamps in tropical Asia.

23. Mangrove swamps are habitats with great biodiversity.

24. the mangrove swamps and the sandy beaches.

25. Its habitat is mangrove swamps.

26. Mangrove swamps are cluttered with garbage.

27. Its habitat is mangrove swamps and tidal creeks.

28. It grows in hammocks, on dunes, and in mangrove swamps.

29. It usually grows in woodlands, forests, and mangrove swamps.

30. The eastern end of the island is dominated by mangrove swamps.