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No. sentence
1 They kicked upstairs their manager by putting him on the managing committee.
2 Legislation would guide regulation, management and development of biofuels by creating an administrative framework and procedures for managing projects and programmes.
3 So, whatever your mechanism or system for storing and managing requirements, we recommend that you at least have one.
4 One of the other lessons I got as a manager, when I first started managing, I used a technique that I call management by whining which is I would notice things I didn't like and bitch about them.
5 Developers resist constraints on their tools and process; therefore, whoever is managing the source code needs to keep the developers at a safe distance from it.
6 PKI is entrusted with managing everything related to the creation, manipulation, and management of these keys.
7 These mechanisms provide an effective framework for managing overcommitted memory, but they all share an important limitation: they must be configured and tuned by an external entity.
8 Managing such networks is not only complicated but requires lot of collective effort and collaboration.
9 Police in Hungary have arrested the managing director of the aluminium plant at the centre of a massive chemical spillage which has devastated several towns and villages in the west of the country.
10 However, by carefully managing the design, we have defined the steps such that those likely to be overridden do not contain any actions for their default behavior.
11 Of all of the skills of managing the project, this one is perhaps the most fundamental.
12 The report also warned that the difficulty of managing these tricky and often countervailing trends means that the threat of trade wars has not disappeared.
13 I have two jobs, besides managing dancers.
14 manifests itself in inappropriate design that caters to the managing director's personal preferences and contains content full of jargon.
15 Coordinating the team's work so that there is only one definition of the current project state, and containing the integrated work of the team are also essential to managing version control.
16 All this depends on both the scalability of the database server and the middleware managing the connection pool.
17 of managing production was then placed on his shoulder.
18 Mark Whitaker, CNN's managing editor, disagrees.
19 This representation hides some of the details of efficiently managing time at this granularity.
20 Another aspect of managing complexity is to use techniques that allow abstractions of the architecture to be communicated.
21 I strongly recommend using frameworks or tooling to avoid this problematic aspect of managing data.
22 front of a clustered application sits the Proxy server, managing the traffic and workload of the SIP and HTTP traffic to the Container.
23 Enhanced business-level policy management focusing on increased expressiveness of policies, improved tooling for creating and managing policies, and better simulation of policies.
24 Responsible for managing the daily operation of electrical team. Develop, design and improve the electrical system of the extruder.
25 In V7, capabilities have been extended to include managing Mediation Policies and Proxy Gateways.
26 You should start managing changes and configurations at maturity level 2 and track its progress until you achieve the goal for maturity level 4.
27 How can we restart the process from the middle without maintaining and managing a lot of execution control?
28 Some organizations have mature practices managing their as-is artifacts for the enterprise and system levels, and are reaping the benefits of leveraging these artifacts.
29 company tried out Energy Pods, but employees wanted the couches back, says Jamie Naughton, Zappos's "Speaker of the House," the executive charged with managing Zappos's culture.
30 You've seen how managing enterprise business rules using BRMS promotes collaboration between IT and business, and empowers business users to view, understand and modify the business rules.