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1 Then when you start combining the use of transaction management and compensations with your business processes, you have some real nice abstractions to work with as you develop your applications.
2 However, TQM cannot simply be grafted onto these systems or onto certain other non-TQM management systems.
3 Android 2.2 has new features in areas like: enterprise integration, device management API, performance, tethering, browser, and marketplace.
4 These studies were published in scientific and professional journals, and were adopted by practitioners in several organizations as applied tools for safety management.
5 It produces a static site while offering most of the management benefits of dynamic sites.
6 However, it will also receive bus management signals from the bus itself.
7 The centre will help with crisis management in situations such as outbreaks, drought, floods, and natural disasters.
8 Its reputation restored after a scandal over misrepresenting oil reserves, the company is cutting layers of management to match lower oil prices and profits.
9 Traditional management models don't tell leaders how to support their Agile teams without undermining their emerging self-organisation.
10 All this, says Mr Lansley, will help to cut management costs by 45% over the next four years.
11 asset management team can extend these as they work closely with the respective communities; specifying the community map, the asset workflows, and the asset versioning policies.
12 Customers tell us that one of their biggest challenges is the management of the overall build process and the ability to allow developers and testers to check-in code on a continuous basis.
13 This ties in with the change management that you are already using with your schema, and it also provides you with another backup copy of your development and Integration schemas.
14 Legislation would guide regulation, management and development of biofuels by creating an administrative framework and procedures for managing projects and programmes.
15 If you have a requirements management database, it should be there.
16 So I'm trying to develop my management skills by whining as accurately as possible.
17 One of the other lessons I got as a manager, when I first started managing, I used a technique that I call management by whining which is I would notice things I didn't like and bitch about them.
18 Especially, once one organization owns a big structure, its information management would become necessary for the need of development in the information era.
19 Effective use of project management disciplines at the project and program levels improves customer satisfaction, reduces the number of risks and problems, and increases success.
20 Yet, on the contrary to studies in other disciplines, studies in the discipline of strategic management often overlooks to make linkages from 'what is' to' what ought to be '.
21 Patterns and pattern languages have been used by many disciplines, ranging from physiology and processes to project management and software engineering.
22 A farmer treks through arid farm fields in Yunnan amid a devastating drought that raised unease about food prices, climate change and cross-border water management.
23 GOME said there are 381 such stores owned by Mr. Huang under its management, including Jinan Wansheng and Kunming Hengda.
24 Chuxiong prefecture committee school of CPC goes with time to push all work forward by innovation. New progress have been got in teaching, research, management and style construction.
25 Worse, your design may not be implemented and used properly if process management techniques are only talked about but not followed.
26 But neither the Forest Service nor the Park Service can control what happens on private land at a bottleneck, nor on Bureau of land Management parcels within the drilling fields south of Pinedale.
27 There is an Indian stamp on management, too.
28 if, instead, you could safely let developers play in the build management sandbox without compromising speed, flexibility, or process control on anyone's part?
29 business cannot thrive without good management.
30 Involving farmer groupings in the management of the new pumping and water control systems means that water gets to the right field at the right time, thus boosting crop yields and farmers' incomes.