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No. sentence
1 The man denuded her of clothing.
2 He hurried me into disguising as an old man.
3 The man bumped me off the bicycle.
4 A ragged man emerged from behind the tree.
5 The old man limped away on the stick.
6 The way the man ate lent colour to his story of near starvation.
7 Morgiana obeyed, though with no little reluctance, and had a curiosity to see this man who ate no salt.
8 Jews therefore strove among themselves, saying, How can this man give us his flesh to eat?
9 He played this old man very well.
10 We may indeed graft living branch to living tree, or living part of animal or man to other living part, but it is not life with which we are working; it is form only.
11 Man early learned the usefulness of weapons.
12 story ended with the man sitting on a mountain of pearls, knife in hand, weeping helplessly into the cup with his beloved wife's slain body in his arms.
13 He suspected that man must be well over fifties.
14 New arts have been born in the course of the history of man.
15 He's a hard man, nothing could hold him back to come to the club in time.
16 No man could occupy his place in French literature.
17 No man could stand aside in such a condition.
18 The lady of the house had no difficulty in partnering off her beautiful daughter for the evening with a smart young man.
19 She saw the man from the rear-vision mirror who followed her was standing behind a phone booth.
20 No man likes to talk with one who spouts off.
21 man who has to potboil for a living seldom accomplishes anything of an exceptional character.
22 The blame for this accident attaches to the man who destroyed the signal.
23 We want a man who must be able to cost.
24 It is that tall man who wrenched the handbag from the old woman last night.
25 We knew it was difficult to recover a body because any corpse left in the wild will be eaten but we thought we could learn the name of the man" Musole said.
26 The old man kicked in after a long illness.
27 I will not breathe a word of your secret to another man.
28 A burly old man led his own flock up a steep mountain promising them the secret of life and its miracles.
29 The old man kept writing his memoirs till the day he crossed over.
30 The soldier is accounted as a brave man.