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male youth in a sentence

1. one destructive as the guardian of sharks, and one a kind, handsome male youth;

2. Male youth age (15–24 years) have a literacy rate of 89% compared to 86% for females.

3. XY started as a gay male youth-oriented magazine and social network.

4. Hwoarang's name is based on the Hwarang, a group of elite male youth in Silla, an ancient Korean Kingdom.

5. In Garo habitations, the house where unmarried male youth or bachelors live is called Nokpante.

6. This was an effect of the war since the death of many young men resulted in a glorification of the male youth.

7. The beloved is most often a male youth, but a few times girls or women were spoken of as kalē (καλή).

8. They also failed to inspire and include members other than mainly male youth.

9. The qasgiq housed all adult males in the community and male youth about seven years and older.

10. male youth in the service) are entitled to a number of benefits during their service.

11. Charmy's popularity among the male youth came in as an added advantage to the movie.

12. Prostitutes subverted the sexual tendencies of male youth, just by existing.

13. Mission statement: Building a richer humanity for male youth through personal, academic and musical excellence.

14. In past, the male youth played Chhur, Gudu, and Gourbaadi.

15. Kouros is a type of Ancient Greek sculpture, which represents a naked male youth.

16. Delson Stokes Jr was the 1999 NAIDOC Male Youth of the Year.

17. Constructed beginning in 1990, it was expanded in 2001 and later, holding male youth offenders.

18. The station mainly focuses on a male youth audience.

19. Tanvae Tlangval Tlangval Male Youth.

20. At Stabæk she arranged to play Toppserien matches for the women's team while training with the male youth teams.

21. There are 16,993,708 male youth and 16,521,057 female youth in Brazil.

22. A couple years later, in 2007, Sandhu was awarded the B.C. Soccer Association Male Youth Player of the Year in 2007.

23. At the age of 17 and having worked with almost all of La's male youth, he longed to form a group.

24. Female youth spend more time on television and blogging while male youth spend more time on the internet.

25. The foundation's focus areas are: male youth development, community resilience and leadership development.

26. Luftwaffenhelfer, underage male youth serving anti-aircraft batteries between school or work;

27. This is a 57% success rate for Ontario’s Indigenous Male Youth teams.

28. MacLeod was awarded OSC (Oakville Soccer Club) Male Youth Athlete of the year for 2009.

29. He won the Best Male Youth Player Award at the 2018 Myanmar National League (MNL) Awards.

30. That year, Jesse Weber (age 12) became the first male youth to compete for the United States.