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No. sentence
1 Many different qualities go towards the making of an astronaut.
2 I talked him into making concessions on the question.
3 In its latest investment plan, it says it will begin making such cells within a year for mobile phones and laptops.
4 She brushed past me without making any comment.
5 I hope they both do well in their next matches but I'm not making any predictions," he said.
6 Since much of the migration process is manual, hopefully these articles help you in the migration process and also in making decisions on what course to take before and during the migration.
7 And at that point, I believe before the NATO summit, we will be making those requests.
8 You are making me act like a fool, and I dont like it.
9 One unfortunate conclusion of all this about making decisions and decisiveness as a leader is that very rarely you have a complete knowledge.
10 Because of their strongly positive or strongly negative views, black-and-white thinkers tend to be quicker at making decisions than highly ambivalent people.
11 They can then resell ore, at spot prices, to the smaller Chinese firms, making a profit and undermining their competitors at the same time.
12 Instead, it is a project aimed at making it easier to migrate your database changes while in development from one version of the database to another as the database evolves.
13 Discussions at the commissioning stage are always about other television programmes, not the primary source, not what are we making the film about.
14 Making niche products for the elderly may be one way to make money out of them, but perhaps not the chief way.
15 In fact I think they really enjoy complaining and grumbling and making trouble for other people.
16 If the message contains user maintainable data folders in the headers like MQRFH2 usr folder then its best recommended to store the decision making routing elements in it.
17 Yunnan is a spectacular land of mountains, rivers and forests, with 25 tribal ethnic minorities making up more than a third of the population.
18 The fire needs making up.
19 Running from house to house, Mr. Yang killed a 70-year-old woman who was making firecrackers, and a man who was watching a television drama on his sofa.
20 Yang killed a 70-year-old woman who was making firecrackers and a man who was watching a television drama on his sofa.He slashed the man's wife and a girl drawing well water.
21 At Gwangju there is an annual kimchi Festival where visitors can enjoy making kimchi and try all the various kinds of kimchi.
22 festival in the city offers a feast of music each autumn and a competition for making stringed instruments is held every three years.
23 They need someone with experience of making up a page.
24 February 2013, cables were lined up around that grounded vessel and people on board bustled around, making preparations for the construction of permanent facilities.
25 I'd start making a packing list weeks in advance, and select the contents as thoughtfully as if I were curating an art exhibition.
26 inside of your bookshelf a bright color to add a drama to the room without making a huge commitment.
27 The monastery agreed to collaborate only after making clear that by doing so it was not compromising its claim to be the moral owner of the whole text, known as the Codex Sinaiticus;
28 After all, what could be more urgent than making sure our national security safety net is up to the task of saving lives?
29 The robbers shot a policeman before making their getaway.
30 He was valuable to the White House not for a supple understanding of the country, but for not making trouble.