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1 Nonetheless, major elements of the definition of anarchism include the will for a non-coercive society, the rejection of the state apparatus, the belief that human nature allows humans to exist in or progress toward such a non-coercive society and a suggestion on how to act to pursue the ideal of anarchy.
2 Major elements of this watershed include Lake Winnipeg, Nelson River, the North Saskatchewan and South Saskatchewan Rivers, Assiniboine River, and Nettilling Lake on Baffin Island.
3 Major elements are the Yukon, Columbia and Fraser rivers.
4 Canadian English contains major elements of both British and American English, as well as some uniquely Canadian characteristics.
5 The blossoming literature, philosophy, mathematics, medicine, astronomy and art of Iran became major elements in the formation of a new age for the Iranian civilization, during a period known as the Islamic Golden Age.
6 Consequently, animal testing and clinical trials are major elements of in vivo research.
7 Early in World War II, the ship took part in the Battle of Calabria (also known as the Battle of Punto Stilo), together with Conte di Cavour, on 9 July 1940, as part of the 1st Battle Squadron, commanded by Admiral Inigo Campioni, during which she engaged major elements of the British Mediterranean Fleet.
8 In times of political crisis they expressed and helped shape the views of their readership and thereby were major elements in the changing political culture.
9 For example, limitation for major elements in proteins (carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur) induces proteolytic activity in the fungus Neurospora crassa as well as in of soil organism communities.
10 Major elements of current Syrian trade rules would have to change in order to be consistent with the WTO.
11 Compositions of major elements in common feldspars can be expressed in terms of three endmembers: Solid solutions between K-feldspar and albite are called alkali feldspar.
12 Major elements of the story, such as the death and restoration of Osiris and the strife between Horus and Set, appear in the utterances of the Pyramid Texts.
13 The economic recovery programmes implemented by the PNDC in 1983 and the proposal for district assemblies in 1987 were major elements in the government's strategy to address these fundamental and persistent problems.
14 General MacArthur provided Australian Prime Minister John Curtin with his assessment of the battle, stating that "all the elements that have produced disaster in the Western Pacific since the beginning of the war" were still present as Japanese forces could strike anywhere if supported by major elements of the IJN.
15 The Ottoman Turks brought a form of Iranian civilization to the walls of Vienna..." The Islamization of Iran was to yield deep transformations within the cultural, scientific, and political structure of Iran's society: The blossoming of Persian literature, philosophy, medicine and art became major elements of the newly forming Muslim civilization.
16 Thereafter, major elements of these policies are incorporated into the five-year economic development plan.
17 Thereafter, major elements of these policies are incorporated into the five-year economic development plan.
18 The world-famous state art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia, the highly acclaimed Deutsche Oper am Rhein (opera), and the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (theatre), artistic home of Gustaf Gründgens, are major elements of Düsseldorf's reputation as a centre of the fine arts.
19 Super Mario RPG is the first RPG in the Mario franchise, drawing from major elements of Square's RPG franchises.
20 To cope, Roseanne twisted major elements of her life for the story, which the audience does not discover until the final moments of the season.
21 Kaufman died of lung cancer in 1984, at the age of 35. Because pranks and elaborate ruses were major elements of his career, persistent rumors have circulated that Kaufman faked his own death as a grand hoax.
22 The news that El Paso had been selected to receive major elements of the 1st Armored Division was met with joy, but at the same time many expressed surprise at the panel's recommendation to transfer the Air Defense Artillery School, 6th ADA Brigade, and its accompanying equipment (including the MIM-104 Patriot Missile Anti-Aircraft/Anti Missile defense system) to Fort Sill.
23 Major elements of the KPA were destroyed and cut off in this aggressive penetration;
24 Though based in part on the Breguet Br.121, using the same basic configuration and an innovative French-designed landing gear, the Jaguar was built incorporating major elements of design from BAC, notably the wing and high lift devices.
25 As dialogue and songs became major elements, more precise analysis of soundtracks was possible through other inventions from Fleischer such as "The Cue Meter".
26 Major elements of the Strategic Army Corps were designated for use by ARLANT and placed in advanced alert status.
27 Major elements of the KPA were destroyed and cut off in this aggressive penetration;
28 He saw the movement of colonists into the interior, beyond effective Crown control, and the development of the town meeting as a means of local governance as major elements of the threat, and wrote in 1772 that "democracy is too prevalent in America".
29 Their work is based on user data, disciplinary knowledge, and participation in the evolution of digital resources as major elements of effective STEM learning.
30 In December 1941 to May 1942, Japan sank major elements of the American, British and Dutch fleets, captured Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and the Dutch East Indies, and reached the borders of India and Australia.