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No. sentence
1 Their first major design took off in high schools and colleges.
2 Table 1 highlights the major features of these products.
3 Stimulus is one, but not the major, contributor to the increased debt.
4 We have significantly improved our observing systems over recent years through particularly satellite systems but there is still major gaps particularly in the deep ocean.
5 Although the level of protection that we saw was clearly modest, the study is a major scientific advance," Dr Kim said.
6 Secondly, a comprehensive summary document, declaration or statement will be issued after each summit, explaining the major activities of the organization of the year and its plan for the next year.
7 If the globalization testers can validate the major GVT guidelines and provide feedback to the developers at the early stage, it will reduce the cost of defects.
8 major issue is that some of the innermost elements have a start tag but no ending tag, which is required for XML.
9 However, the rise of obesity is a major public health concern around the world, and one which we share, and the Jenny Craig acquisition allows us to help many of our consumers.
10 One major factor is that so much of the environment is a Commons, a resource that everyone can use but no one owns.
11 By 2004, China was softening its approach but a senior official quoted in a major newspaper said Taiwanese will 'pay a high costs if they think we will not use force' if it declares independence.
12 River water pollution and water resources shortage are the major water environmental problems of Chuxiong city.
13 Objective to grasp the maternal mortality rate and major causes of death in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous prefecture, formulate interventions, control maternal mortality.
14 As June turned into July, I set out to learn more about Gejiu’s tobacco industry and the Hongyun Honghe Company, perhaps the least well known of the world’s major tobacco companies.
15 The first part of the article expounds that terrace tourism should be promoted to be the major industry in the economic development of southern mountain regions in Honghe;
16 This coat should sell very well: since we have not offered an alpaca overcoat for five years and since our major competitor no longer makes an alpaca overcoat, there will be pent-up customer demand.
17 Last year, he netted a goal within his first minutes on the pitch as a Red against Major League Soccer's all-star team.
18 topics ranged from the contents of that desk's drawer to whether God existed. He often weighed in on major news topics.
19 island is oneof the four major Balearic Islands—the others are Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera—and it was colonized by the Romans in the secondcentury B.C.
20 As India, too, gives political backing to its bid to secure oil assets, Prime Minister Singh said hydrocarbons will continue to be India 's major source of energy for quite some time in the future.
21 Both insects have complex flight mechanisms with major muscles in the thorax, the chest region, which power the flapping of wings.
22 What really gives this technology huge potential though, is that it is being developed for deployment on all the major Smartphone platforms simultaneously.
23 I will now step through some major sections of the code describing how they work as I go.
24 one of the major things we've seen the beginnings of that will become more and more important for the nature of Christianity later is its separation from Judaism.
25 Mitigation really focused on the fact that for the first time in the Copenhagen Accord all the major economies agreed to implement either targets or actions.
26 Particulate pollution, a major ingredient of hazy skies, has been linked to higher death rates from asthma, heart disease, and other ailments.
27 The goal is to reduce the incidence of high blood pressure, a major contributor to heart attacks, strokes and kidney disease.
28 binary data can be malformed if the bytecodes have been changed -- if the major or minor number has been changed, for instance.
29 Middle Market Business has become one of the three backbones of Commerce Bank and it is a major approach which Commerce Bank faces competition and challenge.
30 Investors are recognizing social networking as the next major wave of Internet companies, he says. he also notes that one no longer rings the NYSE bell, one pushes a button that makes a bell sound.