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No. sentence
1 However, in the main loop, you have a conditional branch.
2 set up USB or Bluetooth Tethering, open up MyWi and scroll down to the bottom of the app's main window.
3 main problem is to prevent others cashing in before we have had time to market the product.
4 His main work is to receipt for each lot of goods.
5 In contrast, AIX is broken down into four main operating system levels: version, release, technology level (TL), and service pack (SP).
6 These promises could well be the main achievements of the Rome summit.
7 main emphasis of our research has shifted to the prevention of infection and septicemia.
8 There are two main components to the plan, one targeting loans, the other securities.
9 Mr Lim says it could be increased to about 760 sq km by closing gaps between Singapore's main island and lesser ones.
10 In rich countries four main forces are driving the revival of industrial policy.
11 List your main points; under each one, list the evidence you have for it.
12 though, let us look at the product itself and its main components.
13 outstation of Beijing is the Marketing Department, the main job of it is saling and service.
14 A canyoneer descends by rope through one of Kanangra Main Canyon’s three 150-foot waterfalls.
15 At that time, E-mail and Usenet were the main forums for communication, and simple publishing systems such as Gopher were trying to establish a wider user base.
16 So they will accept his main premise: "The greatest single scientific question —and for our society, a question of life or death —is how far and how fast the seas will rise ...
17 Navigate to /Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/Developer/SDKs/iPhoneOS2.0.sdk/usr/lib/ from the main system root directory.
18 Other prefectures in the northern part of Japan's main Honshu island could face similar tolls.
19 Tristan da Cunha is the main populated island in a small archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean, located about 1,750 miles away from South Africa.
20 You could use this collated information as your main backup, especially if the files were located on another machine.
21 In Yuxi region, the sinian Doushantuo Formation is the main Cu-bearing horizon of sinian strata in this region.
22 main attacked areas were in Dali prefecture, Kunming city, Honghe prefecture, and Chuxiong prefecture.
23 main function of flood forecast and Scheduling system of Huashan reservoir in Qujing is introduced as well as the key technology of the whole system. The real operational practices are summarized.
24 main attacking areas were Dali prefecture, Kunming city and Honghe prefecture.
25 They decided to cover in the passage between the main building and the annex.
26 Our main purpose was to visit Fanch'eng in Hupeh Province to pay our respects to the memory of Dad's mother, Hannah Rorem Ronning.
27 main attraction of Beijing resides in its enchanting scenery.
28 My main rule of thumb for element schema order is: Use ordered patterns unless you have specific reason not to.
29 All visitors to the exhibition must report to the main service desk.
30 Now take the main body part and place it head down on the table and lift up the back and place the arms in the middle like so: (a stone is holding down the top part).