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lyre in a sentence

1. Bull's head ornament from a lyre;

2. Apollo's lyre detail.

3. he played the aulos and the lyre.

4. tr. The Bow and the Lyre, 1973).

5. Late Style Egyptian Lyre.

6. Farewell my lyre!"

7. Silver lyre, PG 1237.

8. Bull's head ornament from a lyre;

9. my fingers fashioned a lyre.

10. Éditions de l'Oiseau-Lyre;

11. The stage is lyre-shaped.

12. Aaron Willard's Lyre Clock.

13. Bull head in a lyre.

14. (includes L'Oiseau-Lyre).

15. the other, a boy playing a lyre.

16. The horns are lyre-shaped.

17. Horns are lyre-shaped.

18. The Tanbūra lyre is also used.

19. Lyre(s) may also refer to:

20. Lyre piano. Mixtur-Trautonium.

21. The figure is holding a lyre.

22. Send me a lyre, I implore you.

23. Bull head in a lyre.

24. Silver lyre, PG 1237.

25. One of them holds a lyre.

26. Young Woman with Lyre.

27. ( tying -called "lyre").

28. Young Lyre Technical

29. A pipe organ and a lyre.

30. The lyre (Hittite: zinar;