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lungfish in a sentence

1. African lungfish also aestivate as can salamanderfish.

2. In Uganda, lungfish and catfish were mainly fed to the young.

3. Lungfish have a highly specialized respiratory system.

4. Lungfish can be extremely long-lived.

5. It is present in most amniotes, and also in lungfish.

6. It is one of only six extant lungfish species in the world.

7. The body of the lungfish is covered with large, bony scales.

8. The lungfish is selective in its choice of spawning sites.

9. The lungfish does not necessarily spawn every year.

10. Lungfish larvae are bottom feeders.

11. Relatively little is known about the South American lungfish.

12. Human consumption of the lungfish varies by population;

13. Zuxu are carnivorous lungfish from the planet Ganlihk.

14. Lungfish have also been reported to have them.

15. The dam is home to the vulnerable Australian lungfish.

16. This paleoenvironment also had abundant lungfish and clams.

17. Arganodus is an extinct genus of Ceratodontidae (lungfish).

18. It was a lungfish from the Mesozoic era (Triassic-Cretaceous).

19. It was a lungfish from the Triassic period.

20. Scaumenacia is an extinct genus of prehistoric lungfish.

21. Existing fish species include tilapia, catfish, and lungfish.

22. Lungfish can breathe in air as well as water.

23. Wrong Turn at Lungfish &

24. This lungfish is uniform blue or slate grey in colour.

25. The West African lungfish is distributed throughout Africa.

26. The body of the slender lungfish is generally brown;

27. Development was found to be much more rapid than for lungfish.

28. Lungfish were also preserved there.

29. The lungfish's greatest diversity was in the Triassic period;

30. Lungfish appeared approximately 400 million years ago.