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long strings in a sentence

1. The cane toad begins life as an egg, which is laid as part of long strings of jelly in water.

2. It may also be appropriate to use very long strings.

3. Thus one prevents long strings without change via such devices as run length limited codes.

4. Glucofructans are long strings of fructose molecules attached to a single glucose molecule.

5. Other long strings may likewise be cancelled using the same technique.

6. IPv6 in particular uses very long strings of digits that are not easily entered manually.

7. They consist of one or more long strings of beads, frequently handmade, worn around the neck by both sexes.

8. The spawn of the two species also differs in that frogspawn is laid in clumps and toadspawn is laid in long strings.

9. Halef has a special talent for proverbial flowery oriental language and long strings of rather comical curses.

10. Long strings of random characters are difficult for most people to memorize.

11. There are many bronze decorations in the building, inside and out, often repeated in long strings.

12. These long strings were usually made from leather or horsehair.

13. Throughout his career Paul Panhuysen made many large sound installations with groups of long strings.

14. Verbs consist of long strings of morphemes in the following array: Khalaj employs subject–object–verb word order.

15. however, in order to memorize long strings of unrelated information, this constraint must be overcome.

16. obtained by splicing exponentially long strings of 0s into the shortlex ordering of all binary strings.

17. When rail is welded into long strings, the longitudinal expansion and contraction of steel must be taken into account.

18. The entire frontage is adorned with long strings of wooden prayer beads.

19. Long strings of eggs were laid from which the tadpoles hatched.

20. This way, children need not remember long strings of orders in a single command.

21. For example, the American toad lays long strings of eggs.

22. The basidia are arranged in long strings of clusters;

23. Many of Smits' instruments are acoustic and made with polystyrene, large springs and long strings.

24. Sesquipowers are unavoidable patterns, in the sense that all sufficiently long strings contain one.

25. He utters long strings of grunts and growls while fighting, but his courtship call is more of a prolonged hum.

26. Computer programmers had to provide long strings of binary code to tell the computer what data to store.

27. Tobacco casks, or hogsheads, were rolled down Rolling Hill to the port by "long strings of slaves" and boarded ships.

28. They are laid in long strings of eggs enclosed in a gelatinous sheath containing one or two rows of eggs.

29. Toys that have long strings, sharp edges and with little detachable parts can pose great danger to your babies.

30. The earliest banjo was a gourd with two or more long strings, a shorter drone string and no frets.