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long periods in a sentence

1. They may also lie dormant for long periods of time.

2. Other examples of long periods of peace are:

3. Sunspot numbers also changes over long periods.

4. Marine mammals are able to dive for long periods.

5. and must stay on station for long periods.

6. These may be required for long periods of time.

7. Lead tends to oxidize if stored for long periods.

8. It prefers not to be left alone for long periods.

9. Now I have to isolate myself for long periods."

10. Never allow plants to dry out for long periods.

11. Such accumulation requires long periods of time.

12. It can lie on the bottom for long periods of time.

13. Giant can go long periods between eruptions.

14. Waikato dominated for long periods of the game.

15. withstand long periods of sun exposure;

16. He worked for long periods on British Diptera.

17. There have been long periods without the Voice.

18. It can subsist for long periods without water.

19. and he had long periods off work sick.

20. they can live for long periods without food.

21. The species flowers for very long periods of time.

22. b) suspension by hands for long periods.

23. standing naked for long periods in hot or cold;

24. Mass involved long periods of kneeling".

25. It can stay out of water for long periods of time.

26. Many settled in Batavia for long periods.

27. For long periods he was based in Medicine Hat.

28. From 1970 Bernes lived in London for long periods.

29. Few tenants stayed for long periods.

30. positions were often held for long periods.