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No. sentence
1 took me so long to walk through the deep snow.
2 The police took a long time to interrogate the offenders fully.
3 The boy was always late because it took so long to get dressed.
4 Long vines swirl round the tree.
5 SOME members of North Korea's elite have long drunk the world's most expensive cognac and nibbled caviar.
6 We must sow before we can reap, and often have to wait long, content meanwhile to look patiently forward in hope; the fruit best worth waiting for often ripening the slowest.
7 Bear and wild boars range through the forests all day long.
8 I simply take flower cultivation as a pleasure in my life. I feel delighted as long as my flowers bloom regardless of the size and preciousness of the blossoms.
9 The dictionary is blemished by those long ineffective example sentences.
10 We have long mediated on the meaning of life.
11 My nails are too long, I must file them down.
12 I haven't heard wolves howling for a long time.
13 We trudged the deserted road for a long time.
14 It will be a long time before he recovers from his present troubles.
15 We sit for long hours in front of a computer, glued to our chairs or stuck to our phones.
16 It was a problem he had been mulling for a long time.
17 Yeah, but for how long?
18 The old man kicked in after a long illness.
19 How long have you worked with them?
20 How long have you worked for this company?
21 I wonder why he tarried so long.
22 It took him a long time to unlearn what he learned in his childhood.
23 Once new neurons appear in your brain, where they stay in your brain and how long they survive depends on how you use them.
24 A long drive like that could finish the car off.
25 Al decided he had to be there for his family during his son's long, hard recovery, a decision I understood and admired.
26 We have been force-fed the doctrines of self-esteem for so long that most people don't really view themselves as sinners worthy of divine wrath.
27 this long illness and this long convalescence saved him from all pursuit. In France, there is no wrath, not even of a public character, which six months will not extinguish.
28 The long drought dried up the source.
29 She said long term solutions are needed to save pastoralists, many of whom have lost most or all of their livestock to drought.
30 The practice caught on elsewhere, helping the farmers of the basin to get through the recent long drought using far less water than before yet with no reduction in output.