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logograms in a sentence

1. There are also several abbreviation marks that create what are effectively logograms.

2. Logograms are therefore the most frequently used common nouns;

3. in theory, all hieroglyphs would have the ability to be used as logograms.

4. Logograms can be accompanied by phonetic complements.

5. Unlike logograms, phonograms do not have any inherent meaning.

6. Logograms are used in modern shorthand to represent common words.

7. "Single-body" pictograms and ideograms make up only a small proportion of Chinese logograms.

8. Compared to cuneiform Hittite, logograms (signs with a set symbolic value) are rare.

9. However, the seals nearly always are limited to logograms.

10. In the 1930s some individual logograms and syllabic signs were correctly identified.

11. The use of pictograms and logograms in texts are present in every language.

12. Note that no logographic script is composed solely of logograms.

13. The usage of logograms is not obligatory.

14. Chinese characters are basically logograms constructed with strokes.

15. The Chinese logograms for peng and kun exemplify common radical-phonetic characters.

16. Yonaguni was once written with a unique writing system called Kaidā logograms.

17. or ⟨pytr⟩), but logograms were nevertheless used very frequently in texts.

18. The logograms could also pose problems.

19. Over time the number of syllabic glyphs is reduced while the number of logograms increases.

20. In Maya writing, logograms and syllable signs are combined.

21. The oldest Vai texts used various logograms.

22. These could be both logograms and phonograms, as seen in the examples below.

23. These could be both logograms and phonograms, as seen in the examples below.

24. It also contained syllabic signs and logograms.

25. Most traditional Chinese characters are classified as logograms.

26. Some of these ancient logograms are illegible and some are missing in lacuna.

27. As Njoya revised the script, he introduced logograms (word symbols).

28. He first experimented with logograms, before developing his system into a syllabary.

29. Besides tur, it is for Sumerograms (logograms) BÀN, DUMU, and TUR.

30. He first experimented with logograms, but his system later developed into a syllabary.