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local farmers in a sentence

1. A local farmers' market started in 1923.

2. Morgan also began buying grain from local farmers.

3. No local farmers participated in the uprooting;

4. Two stragglers were caught by local farmers.

5. However local farmers deny the dumping allegation.

6. Crops of local farmers suffered a lot of damage.

7. The lumbermill was used by local farmers.

8. vagitables from the local farmers.

9. Many parolees went to the custody of local farmers.

10. Fishing subsidised local farmers' livelihoods.

11. Shaidu is a centre for local farmers.

12. These were supplied to local farmers and industry.

13. Districts were nominated by local farmers.

14. Xu was initially joined by 27 local farmers.

15. He soon became a leader to the local farmers.

16. It's a source of irrigation for local farmers.

17. the church rented the lots out to local farmers.

18. Mostly the local farmers bring green vegetables.

19. He also helped local farmers bale hay.

20. for local farmers.

21. Districts were nominated by local farmers.

22. Local farmers rediscovered it in 1979.

23. The local farmers became landless peasants.

24. One example grabbed the interest of local farmers.

25. A local farmers market is held at the station.

26. Most of the investors were local farmers.

27. It also sells to 7 local farmers’ markets.

28. This community group included local farmers;

29. The church was built in 1870 by local farmers;

30. This is a list of local Farmers Markets in Indiana.