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No. sentence
1 Even in the context of the bizarre, twisted fairy tale of Michael Jackson's life, the time he spent living in a converted cowshed in rural Ireland shortly before he died takes some believing.
2 The girl is the living image of her mother.
3 We may indeed graft living branch to living tree, or living part of animal or man to other living part, but it is not life with which we are working; it is form only.
4 of the hazards of living in those days will include getting conked by spare rocket parts falling from the sky.
5 man who has to potboil for a living seldom accomplishes anything of an exceptional character.
6 You should fit your style of living to your circumstances.
7 After a year of living here, he realizes he can't write a meaningful sentence about it.
8 She notices photographs of Kim and Jack in the living room.
9 In Kenya one of the worst droughts in living memory devastated Maasai livestock and livelihoods.
10 under the sign of Venus, the goddess of beauty, Libra women are lovers of anything beautiful like luxurious houses, places, things and upscale living.
11 In some parts of India it is believed that ghosts can inhabit certain people of the living world.
12 In this he reflects the daily humiliations of living in Mumbai.
13 It's like living in a pile of vomit," snarls one Mumbai entrepreneur.
14 First Nations living on a reserve could not vote in federal elections until 1960.
15 That means that money from REDD programmes need to go to people that not only live within the forests, but also the farmers living outside them.
16 To some extent, the modest uptick in income and standards of living reflects the precipitous growth of the Texas-Mexico border.
17 What is known is that Heraclitus mentions him as a contemporary and critic of Pythagoras, and we can thus date him as living roughly at around the same time.
18 They'll be that power couple; they'll be fulfilled, happy, and living on purpose, they'll be a sign, pointing the way, to what marriage should be.
19 I do hate having World Wrestling Foundation on TV and finding snack wrappers in the living room.
20 If someone had told me seven years ago, in my final year of a business and economics degree, that I'd now be living without money, I'd have probably choked on my TV dinner.
21 More than 215, 000 people are said to be living in 1, 350 temporary shelters in five prefectures.
22 The investigation into unauthorised Apple stores in Kunming was brought about when an American living in the city published a blog post describing a visit to one such shop.
23 Gu Wang Yan is a long novel written by Qujing Cao living in the beginning of Qing Dynasty, no sooner published in 1997 than interest many scholars and re-arouse their research enthusiasm.
24 In the time when the dinosaurs dominated the daytime economy, our mammalian ancestors probably only managed to survive at all because they found ways of scraping a living at night.
25 Living in Beijing, the couple can also receive specialist care at the Dementia care and Research Centre at Peking University's Institute of Mental Health.
26 Our living conditions are getting better each year.
27 Living in a countryside tends to insulate us from the outside world.
28 One model 'envisions the pre-human ancestor as a terrestrial knuckle-walker, a behavior frequently used by our closest living relatives, the African apes,' the report said.
29 car divided cities into work and home areas; wireless technology may mix them up again, with more people working in suburbs or living in city centres.
30 We are living in a great historic era.