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No. sentence
1 My mother lives with us.
2 fruit of our lives may be visible only to those who live after us.
3 He lives for nothing but his cause.
4 She lives in New York but we reached her on her mobile phone in Amman.
5 His relatives initially cut ties with him, but their stance softened when they saw the impact of his work on the lives of his patients.
6 In the United States, as in Britain, you can’t move for books, television programmes and blogs about the great sweetness of small children and how best to make their lives wonderful and rewarding.
7 Eagle, I've heard you mentions it a few times. Can you tell me how more about the role how the eagle plays in people's lives.
8 majority of its population (about 90%) lives in Doha.
9 The author has drawn some inferences on its history after a survey of the steles and folklores and customs of "BaiZai Village", a tribe that lives in Chuxiong fro.
10 The author has drawn some inferences on its history after a survey of the steles and folklores and customs of "BaiZai Village", a tribe that lives in Chuxiong from ancient times.
11 It was surely not immoral to talk, walk in the woods, down a pear brandy or two together, if it saved lives.
12 After all, what could be more urgent than making sure our national security safety net is up to the task of saving lives?
13 Three weeks ago, my partner and I had the best meal of our lives.
14 But when I asked whether they had any intention of sticking around after graduation to build companies and lives, they told me: No way!
15 Communication is something we all engage in on a daily basis but due to the pace of our lives conversations become just formalities.
16 Many of us do not have any set routines in our daily lives, and simply tackle our obligations, chores, and daily tasks haphazardly.
17 She is not to be seen at all,” they said; “she lives in a large copper castle, surrounded by walls and towers.
18 Yet the words he spoke in Cairo two years ago might still serve as a beacon to oppressed people throughout the world, if only America lives up to their promise.
19 To emancipate all mankind, we will balk at no sacrifice. even that of our lives.
20 What you are describing is an uncomfortable, yet common, experience that most people, regardless of gender, have at some point in their lives, if not every winter.
21 Rowling told NBC's "Today" that she plans to publish a Potter encyclopedia that will reveal many details about the characters' lives that she didn't have room to include in the books.
22 When people complain or are dissatisfied with their lives, they often blame others for their unhappy state of affairs.
23 We need a clear appreciation of national interests and the recognition that our resources and the lives of those in uniform are a scarce and precious commodity that must not again be expended lightly.
24 You would purge the planet of industrial civilisation, at the cost of billions of lives, only to discover that you have not invoked "a saner world" but just another phase of destruction.
25 are days of darkness, when many of them spent most of their lives enduring all kinds of hardships.
26 The absurd mind cannot so much expect ethical rules at the end of its reasoning as, rather, illustrations and the breath of human lives.
27 Accordingly, the Transcendentalists sought to achieve a congruence between spiritual insights and ethical actions in all areas of their lives.
28 Every nook of our lives is filled with advertising these days.
29 The habit has invaded every nook and cranny of our lives, sparing no-one, and costing us dearly.
30 Even televised events of natural disasters can help, by encouraging a child to imagine what it must be like for people whose lives are devastated by an earthquake or tsunami.