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No. sentence
1 He lived in a flat above the shop.
2 He still lived there then.
3 They lived in caves, hunted animals and gathered fruit.
4 He once lived in Shanghai.
5 He still lived on his parents after graduation.
6 They lived under foreign rule for many years.
7 I lived in Auckland, New Zealand, in my own flat with my dog.
8 Three years ago, my family and I were visiting Auckland, New Zealand, when we heard about a pig who lived on a beach.
9 you ever lived in another place?
10 Handel House Museum in London's Brook Street, where he lived for the last 36 years of his life, is putting on an exhibition about him next month.
11 Many many years ago lived an emperor, who thought so much of new clothes that he spent all his money in order to obtain them; his only ambition was to be always well dressed.
12 Very far away from the city lived a poor farmer and his wife.
13 But only the rich benefited. Most Romans, and many city-dwellers throughout history, lived in squalor, and many died of it.
14 Greeks - and Greece - may have lived beyond their means for decades, but as they point out, so did many others, including Americans.
15 The apartment complex in which she now lived consisted of two towers, facing each other across a large, desolate, and almost empty parking lot.
16 The police tried to chase the dead man's brother up but they had no idea where he lived.
17 He lived in an inn.
18 Something I could have lived without.
19 And I want you to know how he lived.
20 I lived with them on the weekends.
21 My family and I have lived in Shenzhen for 8 years now, we are citizens.
22 Here in Trinity it is right that I should give you an account of how he lived amongst you during these years of his greatest achievement.
23 They lived in all kinds of environments.
24 Many of our friends lived in those areas.
25 He lived in Cambridge, in an expensive house.
26 It not only shows how people lived at the time is also of great interest to natural scientists because the waters around it are so shallow.
27 I have lived here for five years now.
28 I lived for a while in Florence.
29 They lived in a town near Sydney.
30 All those who have lived in the past live with us now. Surely none of us would be an ungracious host.