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limited use in a sentence

121. British forces made limited use of Welsh speakers for the same reason.

122. they provide a degree of objectivity but have limited use for diagnosis.

123. This method achieved limited use, and scant reversal data are available.

124. This information might be of some use on its own, but it is of limited use.

125. In a few cases, older weapons are brought out of retirement for limited use.

126. Costume pieces and limited-use temporary powers could also be invented.

127. The airport was opened in 1949 and is in limited use for civil aviation.

128. Classical Mandaic and its descendant Neo-Mandaic are still in limited use.

129. Metal armor remained in limited use long after its general obsolescence.

130. However, due to expediency other countries made limited use of them too.

131. The limited use of a two-colour disruptive "amoeba" pattern began in 1938.

132. Though primarily an air-to-ground weapon, it saw limited use in other roles.

133. He was also mocked for his limited use of facial expressions on the Thing.

134. Some species of Meliosma have a limited use in gardening and horticulture.

135. ACT III continued to allow the community to have limited use of the theater.

136. However, overdubbing was of limited use until the advent of audio tape.

137. He was used more strictly in right field in 1977, and saw more limited use.

138. Use of nifurtimox should be avoided in pregnant women due to limited use.

139. Phantom references are of limited use, primarily narrow technical uses.

140. It has since received permission for limited use within other dioceses.

141. The Wild Bunch is a text-based adventure game, with limited use of graphics.

142. Dawn of the New World makes limited use of the Wii Remote's features.

143. Of the records listed at IANA, some have limited use, for various reasons.

144. The new repeater rifles would see fairly limited use in the Civil War.

145. These sentry posts were of limited use in combat as they were fragile.

146. In 1961 the limited use of aerials saw the development of Irish cable.

147. These junior magicians are only allowed limited use of the facilities.

148. For this reason, there has been limited use of silver coatings in vivo.

149. In the same period, the form Chlodwig has seen some limited use in Germany.

150. There was limited use of aerial resupply by the Japanese at Buna–Gona.