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limited use in a sentence

61. California, however, has permitted only limited use since 2001.

62. In the Western Hemisphere, the guillotine saw only limited use.

63. These were fairly popular, and remain in limited use today.

64. however, due to its poor condition, it sees limited use.

65. JJ-5s trainers are still in limited use in China as well.

66. Earlier sawdust had some limited use in paper production.

67. The R-1820 also found limited use in armoured vehicles.

68. With the advent of cell phones, the call boxes saw limited use.

69. It has limited use to the synthesis of symmetric alkanes.

70. It has limited use for rheumatoid arthritis and cerebral palsy.

71. At that time railroads made limited use of iron bridges.

72. These cameras saw limited use in professional filmmaking.

73. The jackets even show up in limited use during the Korean War.

74. It was closed due to deteriorating conditions and limited use.

75. The Japan Rail Pass is of limited use within larger cities.

76. Regardless, they saw limited use after returning to service.

77. It has a limited use in horticulture, introduced in the 1980s.

78. It is well known for its fishing and limited use boating.

79. Even the toxic box method has been found to be of limited use.

80. Williams subsequently regained limited use of his legs.

81. The remainder of the line was left open but had limited use.

82. HRV also has a very limited use time and needs to recharge.

83. The free API has limited use, but basic and premium do not.

84. They have severely limited use of their trunk and limbs.

85. Certain stative verbs make limited use of progressive aspect.

86. He has limited use of his fingers and no use of his hands.

87. This limited use to the military and large commercial users.

88. T40s saw limited use in the European Theater in 1944–1945.

89. It also allowed for the limited use of temporary workers.

90. The plastered interior features limited use of Portland stone.