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No. sentence
1 They displayed only a part of their products because space was limited.
2 Each one of us is limited in giving love by the limits to our capacity to love.
3 this might not be a big deal for a site with only a few thousand visitors a month or with limited content, for site with more pages and more visitors, this can actually add up to a huge savings.
4 Even if Spain descends into crisis, I think the damage would be limited to specific European banks with big holdings of sovereign debt from crisis countries.
5 Note that these queries are limited to one level only, meaning that you cannot select the depth of the query.
6 trust and entrusted loans have limited direct-risk exposure to the commercial Banks.
7 You no longer need permission to get your ideas out, and you're not limited by shelf space.
8 After all, individual strength is limited.
9 The invention of these limited liability corporations made possible the modern world: how they arise, and how they die, matters.
10 Pick a limited range of places where and times when you do your most focused learning.
11 In the course of designing catchment runway, the new calculating methods supported by the new standards were limited by the special slops and rainfall rates.
12 Their youth, inexperience or limited abilities can present you with significant management challenges - as well as a great opportunity to teach them important job and life skills.
13 Widows, orphans, disabled people, migrant workers, and other vulnerable groups have been especially affected, as they have limited resources to cope with the problems created by the tsunami.
14 The benefit which the reservoir brings to the villagers is not limited to agriculture.
15 So many great analysts of human nature, from Aristotle to the Buddha, reached for transcendent human truths despite limited contact with the range of humanity.
16 This means that larger projects can still be shown, but with limited memory the scrolling is not as responsive.
17 For another, rural governments should learn how to allot the limited resources in a reasonable way, emphasizing more on education, technology and culture.
18 Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and depression and personal and environmental factors e.g. negative attitudes, inaccessible transportation and public buildings, and limited social supports.
19 Objective To discuss the feasibility and curative effect of limited internal fixation combined with external fixation support to treat complex tibiofibular splintered fracture (CTSF).
20 But it may be an alternative when you have to finish a prototype in limited time.
21 Because I was a baddy, so our monitor was offensive to the eye with me all the time, and always nicked me, my patience was limited.
22 If I am tethered to my belief, tied to my family, tied to a conclusion, the brain is limited, it functions in a very narrow, limited way.
23 These changes created several new challenges for the tyre manufacturers - most notably ensuring the grooves' integrity, which in turn limited the softness of rubber compounds that could be used.
24 Other types should be eaten in only very limited amounts, including bananas (especially overripe bananas), grapes, kiwi, pineapple and melon.
25 This may not be the case in all scenarios; you should take care when applying this pattern where the resulting software has to run in environments with limited resources.
26 He speaks Portuguese, [three Chinese dialects] and English," she bragged in Mandarin, adding that her own Cantonese, the prevalent dialect in Hong Kong, and English were limited.
27 Thus, while it is possible to deliberately violate the collocation constraint and store related instances in separate slices, the usefulness of such storage strategy is limited.
28 Two centuries ago, our forebears would have known the precise history and source of almost every one of the limited number of things they ate and owned.
29 The availability of doctors and nurses is limited by a lack of training colleges in states with the greatest need as well as the reluctance of professionals from urban areas to work in rural areas.
30 When you only have one or a limited number of CPUs, you need to decide how to share those limited CPU resources among several competing processes.