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limbless in a sentence

1. The caecilians are limbless.

2. Caecilians superficially resemble earthworms and are limbless.

3. These serpents are limbless and wingless.

4. She is also vice-president of the Limbless Association.

5. Genetic data also suggests that the various limbless groups;

6. Subfamily Acontinae (limbless skinks;

7. Miriam's skink is limbless.

8. Deletion of Fgf10 results in limbless mice.

9. The witch curses Kirby, turning him into a limbless ball.

10. Larval amphibians, tadpoles, are also often limbless.

11. All limbless animals come from cold-blooded groups;

12. Many species are limbless, while others have fully formed limbs.

13. one of the limbless torsos was completely charred.

14. Its limbless and has no visible mouth.

15. The trunk ends with a region of limbless segments.

16. The species is limbless.

17. O. latastii is limbless.

18. T. lomiae is limbless.

19. the limbless Sagalla caecilian (Boulengerula niedeni);

20. 1959 – Number of First World War limbless drops below 20,000.

21. First World War limbless drops below 4,000.

22. Limbless ex-servicemen down to about 10,000.

23. Maggots are limbless, or else have small prolegs.

24. British Limbless Ex-Service Men's Association;

25. one limbless torso was completely charred.

26. Larval amphibians, tadpoles, are also often limbless.

27. The limbless General Onward is killed when attempting to stop them.

28. Midbody scales rows 2-21. Body is elongated and limbless.

29. They are limbless and often depicted as cobra-like in movement.

30. is a limbless reptile.