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limb girdles in a sentence

1. Their vertebral columns, limbs, limb girdles and musculature needed to be strong enough to raise them off the ground for locomotion and feeding.

2. The ribs attach to the spine and there are no limbs or limb girdles.

3. The ribs attach to the spine and there are no limbs or limb girdles.

4. These include the structure of the jaw and teeth for feeding on land, limb girdles and extremities for land locomotion, lungs for respiration in air, a heart for circulation, and eyes and ears for seeing and hearing in air.

5. The ribs attach to the spine and there are no limbs or limb girdles.

6. Erinaceus europaeus has a generalised body structure with unspecialised limb girdles.

7. Then, in 1916, P. A. Pravoslavlev named E. amalitskii from the Don River region, based on a specimen containing vertebrae, limb girdles, and limb bones.

8. Between its two limb girdles was a massive mesh of gastralia (belly ribs) that provided additional strength and support.

9. The strength of the limb girdles, combined with evidence of large, powerful swimming muscles, indicates that Kronosaurus was likely a fast, active swimmer.

10. It also had limb girdles which formed massive plates of bone that helped support its heavily built body.

11. There is no trace of limbs or even limb girdles in any known fossil, and the tail was short and primitive.

12. Diadectes was a heavily built animal, 1.5 to 3 m (5 to 10 ft) long, with a thick-boned skull, heavy vertebrae and ribs, massive limb girdles, and short, robust limbs.

13. The limb girdles are greatly reduced, so it is unlikely these animals could move about on land.

14. The additional material included presacral vertebrae, limb bones and limb girdles.

15. Walker considered ornithosuchids to belong to the latter group, due to strong morphological similarities between the limb girdles of Ornithosuchus, Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus, and Antrodemus (=Allosaurus).

16. The limb girdles were formed into large, heavy plates of bone to support the weight of the wide, heavily built body.

17. Unfortunately, these, and some pieces of the limb girdles, are about all that exist.

18. The anatomy of Yarasuchus also demonstrates that other typical avemetatarsalian features, such as slender limb girdles, had evolved prior to the eponymous 'advanced mesotarsal' ankles.

19. Collagenous fibroma (also known as "desmoplastic fibroblastoma") is a slow-growing, deep-set, benign fibrous tumor, usually located in the deep subcutis, fascia, aponeurosis, or skeletal muscle of the extremities, limb girdles, or head and neck regions.

20. Two-thirds of EMC tumors are primarily found in sub-fascia soft tissues of the proximal extremities and limb girdles, especially the thigh and popliteal fossa.

21. and MUC Pv 92, which also contains axial elements along with a femur, two foot bones, and fragments of the limb girdles.