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No. sentence
1 Only the few are likely to enjoy this film.
2 This test—like North Korea’s missile test two months ago—was most likely conducted as much for domestic reasons as it was to send a message to the United States.
3 likely answer is a little of both, but the question highlights how difficult it can be to have a perspective on what’s big and what’s small.
4 One question, Tan says, is how efficiently the process works for massive versus light stars, because that's likely to be the mechanism that determines stellar mass.
5 And, searching for the function "gets" — a notoriously insecure string operation — can reveal programs that are likely vulnerable to a memory overflow, said Veracode's Wysopal.
6 I usually like to start fuzzing somewhere after the first few bytes because programs seem more likely to notice an early mistake than a later one.
7 Yet I did not consider volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or financial bubbles, simply because none of those seemed likely to precipitate catastrophes.
8 America is likely to press harder for Pakistan to tackle other extremist groups on its soil, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, which is thought to have been behind the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks.
9 Excess investment is likely to be wasteful investment, which eventually ends up undermining growth while building up nonperforming loans.
10 The latter is in short supply because of the rise in US savings, caused by the crisis but likely to persist.
11 It's also likely that your web presence is English language only, and you only receive patronage from English-speaking customers.
12 with huge debts, so tax cuts or cash handouts are more likely to be spent than saved.
13 But however good computers get at classifying paintings, they are likely to remain only one of the tools used to detect forgeries.
14 But the takeaway is, whenever you found yourself whining about something, that likely is an opportunity for vision.
15 likely to have a bigger deficit in 2010, as a percentage of GDP, than even the likes of Italy.
16 expected in regions of Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia and Northeast China. And heavy rainfall is likely in Guangdong, Hainan, Yunnan and Sichuan.
17 The ISS was located over the Southern Indian Ocean at an altitude of 350 kilometers (220 miles), with the astronaut observer most likely looking towards Antarctica (not visible) and the South Pole.
18 any system where work is queuing up, the response time of the system is likely to be dominated by the queueing time, rather than any garbage collection pauses.
19 As well, the inner sun would pose numerous problems such as the inner inhabitants most likely being sucked into its gravity or caught in solar flares from it.
20 If you gallop through your work, you are more likely to make mistakes.
21 Although we can fire lawyers the fact someone has a lawyer usually means that they are actually in need of that lawyer and as such are pretty likely to listen to their advice.
22 There is also the lure of increasing financial innovation, which they say is least likely to occur when there is more regulation.
23 Figure out how much you're likely to spend, and put NO MORE than that in your wallet.
24 even in the most favourable circumstances only a small fraction of the creatures that die are preserved in this way before decay sets in or, even more likely, before scavengers eat them.
25 Insouciance seems less likely when the starting point is much higher debt.
26 They're likely thinking said person is handsome or pretty in the same way an Oriental rug or Faberge egg is handsome or pretty.
27 The World Food Program is warning that the upward pressure on food prices is likely to lead to a “silent tsunami” of hunger.
28 You could think of these things being between what you care about and where the tsunami is likely to come from.
29 Film buffs are likely to be most distressed not by the overall cut in films on release, but by the quality and nature of what will be on offer.
30 But with opposition to any decisive action strong within both the League and the UN, nothing more than feeble condemnation is likely.